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Just curious about ASUS service. I have been suffering through a vile experience trying to get them to fix my P7P55D-E Pro. I sent it back to them in July, 2011, they returned it to me in Sept. 2011. I have finally put the machine back together and the problem is exactly identical to what it was when returned for repair. It appears that nothing was done at all. There was no service report included with the board when returned so I can not tell if they did anything, but it performs the same defective way as it did when returned.

Has anyone had similar service from ASUS? I have had ASUS m-boards in the past, and they have worked fine, but this is the first time I have ever had to ask for repair, and now I regret buying their product.

Any comments would be welcomed! Thank you. larry.k
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    I have sent two Eee pc's in for warranty repairs both had to go twice before getting repaired to satisfaction!
  2. Thanks for the comments. I'm trying to send the mboard back for the second time, but now they make me call in. I guess once they have failed they don't want to do service requests by email anymore!! larry.k
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