What is the most significant thing in choosing graphics cards?

Hello, Everyone. I m a little bit confuse in choosing a graphic card. I like two graphic card. One is XFX HD 6790 and other is EVGA GTX 550 Ti SC.
Now, XFX HD 6790 card have texture rate is about 33.6GigaTexels/s and Pixel rate is about 13.4GigaPixel/s while EVGA GTX 550 Ti SC have texture rate is about 31.4GigaTexels/s and Pixel rate is about 23.3GigaPixel/s.
My question is that What is the most significant thing in choosing graphics cards?Either Texture rate or Pixel rate?
Please any hardware or GPU expert, give me satisfaction about my confusion.
Thank you very much!
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  1. The answer is that it the texture is what the pixels are drawn upon. take a look at the toms guide to VGA's and glean what you can from that, it's very informative.
  2. Neither and both.

    Specs alone wont tell you what you need to know, look at benchmarks, even if its got a large fill rate it doesnt matter if it cant calculate the pixels fast enough so it needs the graphical horsepower behind it, the fill rates are at the very end. Look at the benchmarks of the cards for what you want to do, there are some games that do better with nVidia cards, others that do better with AMD, and some that dont care, in the games that are slightly biased the specs alone wont tell you what you need because driver optimization boosts the raw processing power thats feeding them.
  3. ^+1 Check benchmarks and reviews, that would tell you how well the card performs mostly in games, but also in some others aspects such as multi-monitor, graphic editing, etc.. Just search for the specific Graphics card review. Then, check out feedback from customers about the quality of the variety of products themselves, get something with at least 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
  4. I would start by looking at this article, they provide brief general explanations.,2935.html
  5. 1) Will it fit? Some cards are longer than others.

    2) Is your PSU good enough for the card?

    3) At the same price point, specs are mostly irrelevant. It is a competitive market, and differences between closely priced cards are small.
    Do not anguish over the choice.

    4) If you primarily play just one game, then you could compare the benchmarks for that game and your resolution.
  6. I don't look at specs.

    I look at game benchmarks. Overall the HD 6790 is a little better performance than the GTX 550. In most games the HD 6790 the beat the GTX 550; in some cases by a decent amount. In a few cases both cards are tied and in a few cases the GTX 550 provided better performance than the HD 6790.
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    Its like an orchestra. Which matters more, the wind section or brass? They both (and others) need to come together to make music. So it also is with video cards. Fill rates, clock speeds, shaders, memory bandwidth, etc. The only way to really know who is faster then what is to look at the benchmarks.
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  9. thanx! plz provide me some links in which benchmarks are given about XFX HD RADEON 6790 and EVGA GTX 550 Ti SC
    thnx again!

    Look at the results that come up, have you ever heard of that second one called Toms hardware? They seem trusty, click on that link. Click on whatever games you play and look for yourself.
  11. if you google "6790 review" and "gts 550 review" you will find a wealth of reviews and benchmarks.
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