Recommendations on PSU and DDR3 Memory

I am running an Intel i5 2500k with a ASUS P8P67 PRO (REV 3.1) Mobo and looking to run mid to high-ish GPUs.

My question is for anyone who has had experience with this board or an equivalent, any recommendations for DDR3 Memory?

Also as a more general question, any recommendations for a reliable PSU including wattage and brand?
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  1. I would buy low profile ram since it makes an aftermarket hsf selection alot easier.
    This psu is a good choice price/performance wise.
    Antec Truepower New 750W Modular
    It would handle a pair of GTX 460/560 570's or 2 x 6870/6950 no problem.
  2. Antec, Corsair or Seasonic in the 500-650 watt range for a single GPU.
    Corsair or Gskill on the ram.
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