Hey wondering if i will be able to connect more than 1 fan

I only see one 3/4 pin connector coming out of my PSU so i was wondering if i could connect a 2nd fan to the front for intake while i have a back fan exhausting. My motherboard is :


Asus P8H77-M PRO
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  1. Fans using a 4 pin molex connector will usually be of the type that allows you to daisy chain several to one psu cable.
    If not, simple molex splitter cable can be used. You can attach many fans this way.

    The 3 pin type of fan connectors will plug into a motherboard 3 pin connector. If necessary, you can buy a splitter cable that will allow you to power two fans from the same 3 pin socket, but you will get speed sensing from only one. There is a limit to how many amps can be delivered by the motherboard socket to the fans, but 2 fans are usually ok.
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