The Flip Side of Phenom's High Heat Output

So, after buying a Phenom 965 CPU, I wasn't very happy about how much heat the CPU put out.

But, earlier this week I accidentally broke my window while re-situating an window mounted AC. I would have to either get the window fixed or sleep on the couch tonight.

But . . . . my Phenom PC has really helped me keep my room cozy without even running the furnace. I disabled "Cool 'n' Quiet" and my room is staying at 72 degrees even though its 46 out!

Has anyone else found their AMD's heat output helpful in the cooler months?

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  1. do you oc it? if it's stock and heating your room, you got a crappy chip. or you just didn't do a good job with the hsf/compound.
  2. I don't have any problems with high heat out put from a Phenom II 940, 965, or 1090T. Wouldn't surprise me if you've just got a horribly inefficient cheap generic PSU that wastes a ton of electricity outputting it in the form of heat.

    Cause I could run all 3 computers and it wouldn't do what your describing.
  3. ^Hehe yeah or you live in 10 m^2 flat :D
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