Quad Channeling

Hi all,

I have a weird issue. My system rig is

Intel 3930k
MSI x79 G65 8D
GTX 690
Corsair TX 750W V2
G.Skill Ribjaws Z 32 GB in Quad channeling.

I build this system mainly for genome computation and my occasional gaming.

So recently I encountered this issue. My computer would go into a cycle of boot up and shut down 5 seconds later.

So I found a work around the issue with the following steps.

1. Remove 2 dimm slot of ram
2. Boot up with 16 G of ram.
3. Power off, put the ram back in
4. Boot up again with 32 G of ram

And everything would go back to normal for 1 Boot up. I have repeat all every time I shut down my computer if I want to have a session with 32 G of ram.

I runned Memtest, all the ram isn't defective, I have loaded databases that are 30 GiG in size in SAS, R and matlab with no issue when I managed to boot my system with 32G.

I have the latest BIOS for my MoBo as well. This is getting really annoying. Any Idea what's the cause of this?
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  1. What speed are you running the Ram? I would set it to XMP settings in BIOS and try again (if you don't already have it there). You may need to add a little voltage with that much ram, but we may need to look at a overclocking sticky to find some safe values to increase the voltage. Make sure that the RAM is at the right settings and speed and let us know.

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