Ati radeontm hd 4200 integrated graphics vs AMD Radeon HD 6770

ok so im buying a computer i really wanted to build one but that's not an option atm,because i don't have time my pc just died and i need to buy one fast but i want to play some games out of the box so what graphics card is better:

AMD Radeon HD 6770
ATI RadeonTM HD 4200

please answer quick I'm at a friends house
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  1. HD6770
  2. Wolfshadw said:

    yeah that's the one I'm thinking thanks very much,i wish so much that i could build my own PC but i have a huge assignment for collage and i just don't have time to wait a few weeks for all my parts to be delivered to me from newegg lol,I'm not really that much experienced so i thought i would get some ones opinion thanks
  3. Yes 6770 HUGE difference, I went from HD4250 880g, and I can tell you is totally worth it. Especially for gaming, the card is good, it plays everything.
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