Memtest86+ and 2 BSOD problem :S

Hello, i have recently built my new pc, and i have had 2 problems with the ram so far.

First time was 1 week ago or so, the same day i built and installed windows 7 and everything i got this image.

and i got this same image I THINK, yesterday but it was late at night and my mum called me and asked me and i was too tiered to read it properly but i thing its the same. Or believe so...

So that was 2 BSOD's.

Also because of that yesterday i was told to use memtest86, so i downloaded the memtest86+ version, dont know why... and i run that.

Here are some images.

After pass3 i just thought, no point running any longer, shows how bad this ram is doesnt it...

Anyways should i return it?

Also if i do return it, should i ask for a replacement, or ask for a refund and buy this instead?

because that one will have faster delivery.

thank you :) Not too sure what to do, im using this pc right now, its running fine, just randomly did that BSOD twice...
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  1. You didn't mention the brand of the corrupted RAM, but anyway Kingston is a trusted name.
    P.S. Why the double post?

    i cant find the make of the ram, but i got it from here...

    I have 2x2gb ddr3 1333mhz ram
    MSI 870A-g54 mobo AM3+ mobo
    phenom 955 3.2 ghz x4 ii
    Corsair cx 430 v2 builders series
    500gb samsung spinpoint f3 hdd
    AMD Radeon 6770 1gb GDDR5
  3. have you tried a BOIS upgrade, the latest BIOS includes:

    - Improved memory compatibility.
  4. ok will do bios upgrade today now

    edit: do i have to flash to upgrade bios. How do i exactly do it?
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