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Hey, I'm thinking about buying a new graphics card when I get payed and I dont know which one would be best for the money or the games I play so Im asking here.

My budget is no more than 200$

I mostly play arma2, gta IV, fallout games that are coming up along with elderscroll games, Dragon Age games, Call of duties....So pretty much your everyday FPS's RPG's and free roam games like GTA. But most of all RPG's.

What I'm looking for is a GPU that is no bigger than the Nvidia Geforce 450. Also something that will use no more than 700w.
I want to play on max/near highest settings.

i5 650 (quad core) 3.2 ghz
8 gigs RAM
Current GPU is Nvidia Geforce GT 220

I play on 1080p
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  1. Basically you want the performance of a $300 card for $200 that only takes up as much space as a $120 card. That's like saying you want a car that costs as much as a midsize, tows as much as a dualy, and fits in the parking space of a compact.

    The good news is that with the exception of GTA, most of the games you listed are pretty low for requirements. A single Radeon 6870 would be the best bet (if not a little over $200), but you should also look at a 6850, a GTX 460 1GB, or a GTX 560 (non Ti).
  2. Looks like I haven't kept up with prices. Thanks to recent price drops 6870s are now under $200, like this XFX reference model for $187.99 and free shipping.
  3. The Radeon prices are in response to the 560 (non TI) which is also just under $200 like this overclocked model from EVGA

    Anyway, either the 6870 or 560 should give you the kind of performance you want and aren't too bit. If your 700W PSU is decent at all it should have no problem with either card. They are both pretty close in performance as well at their stock clocks. The 560 has a bit more overclocking headroom though
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