Computer wont start for hours after shutdown

When I shut down my computer it takes a couple of hours before it will restart it's just like dead nothing will light up the fans wont spin but a couple of hours of being left alone it starts right up so ive been having to leave it on for days at a time. Help Please
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  1. This is almost certainly due to a faulty power supply. Replacement of the power supply should be your first step.
  2. Before you go out and purchase a new power supply, check that you don't have any bulging or burst capacitors on your motherboard. A visual inspection of the motherboard is easy enough to do to see if this is an issue. See the linked Image.

    That being said most motherboards that have burst capacitors are from two things, heat buildup and/or unstable voltage. Basically if your motherboard has burst capacitors and you don't see a huge pile of dust buildup or notice failed fans, then your power supply is most likely the reason your board has decided to call it quits.
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