MSI P4M900M3-L bios modded with SLIC 2.1, need some help :)

I modded my bios so I could change my frequencies and voltages, I had to do it from DOS since i'm running Windows 7. Anyway, I would like to know how to access the slipstreamed bios functions the modder added to it?

This is the bios:

I would ask the dude who made it but he hasn't been active for a while :(

So, I successfully flashed this bios onto the mobo, it works, it boots to windows, but in the bios I still have the same functions.

Now I know in the old days there used to be a hidden page, that you could access by pressing some key combination or whatever. But I have no clue what to do, and I really want to overclock this baby because the poor C2D is running at a mere 2,2ghz.

Thanks in advance, and I hope i'm not sending you guys on a wild goose chase too much, if so, my apoligies I just don't know where to look and i'm not that much of a techy. :)
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  1. And this is the old thread I found it on, or at least, I tracked it down from there, perhaps it contains some vital information.

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