Upgrade for HD 4850 1gb DDR3

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: ASAP/ around 250-300 dollars.


CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: HD 4850 1gb DDR3, 800 W Corsair.

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS:http://whp-java.extweb.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01859815&tmp_track_link=ot_recdoc/c01859871/en_cn/c01859815/loc:2&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=cn

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: new egg. not picky. U.S.

PARTS PREFERENCES: Doesn't matter.


MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1680x1050. but would like to hook it up to my HDTV.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would like to run Empire total war, and shogun total war max settings on at least 1680x1050. My question is it practical to upgrade the gpu further or would it be better to upgrade the memory or cpu to improve the gaming.
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  1. That link is broken for me.Can you plz list your full system specs?(CPU/RAM/Mobo/ETc.)

    You can easily buy a GPU under $200 to max out those games but those games also depend A LOT on processor power as much as GPU power so I just need to know your CPU and then we can suggest a GPU for you.

    EDIT: Just tryed that linked you provided.You could easily buy a new processor and GPU for your Budget.Or you can O.C. your current CPU.Up to you but I think you will need to O.C. or get a better processor to run those games easily.But with your budget it seems very easy to get the games you play to play at the maxmimum settings.
  2. Could you recommend a good processor for this system. Would an i5 be overkill? And what GPU should I look at that would fit the case and motherboard?
  3. An i5 wouldn't be overkill but you already have a capable upgrade path with your existing mobo.

    Your processor really isn't that bad you just need a faster processor.The easiest route would be to O.C. it.But if you want, you can easily upgrade to a more powerful Phenom ii quad core.The only bad thing tho is that your mobo has a max TDP of 95watts so that really limits the more powerful processors because they all run at 125watts.

    From what I've been looking at it seems this is the most powerful processor you can use with your current mobo.

    Phenom ii x4 945 @ 3ghz

    Their is another faster processor that fits the TDP of your mobo at 3.2ghz but you loose the L3 cache so I don't think that one is worth it.

    So if you just buy a new processor like the one thats listed above you should have another $200 to spend on a new GPU.

    Or you can buy a new mobo and go with an i5 prcoessor whichi is also a very good investment but you won't be able to buy a new GPU.
  4. Well after playing around with amd overdrive, I have found that the Phenom II x4 910 is a locked chip. Can't raise the multipliers or the bus speed. So besides raising the volts a tad its unoverclockable as far as I can tell. I think I will just take your advice and upgrade to the 945. Now that the cpu bottle neck will be widened. any recommendations on a GPU? I figure I have 200 dollars left after the cpu.
  5. Thats most likely due to it being a HP computer.Usually companies like that will lock out settings in the BIOS.

    But if you can't O.C. at all with that mobo I suggest just upgrading the CPU and Mobo.

    What is the make/model of your power supply?

    Your GPU should be able to play those games with at least medium settings and very possible for high settings.It's been your processor thats been holding you back.
  6. I posted the wrong PSU it's actually: http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx?C=1264&ID=1830#Tab1 It's a thermaltake 850W. So the motherboard locks out the O.C. not the CPU itself? I thought if I put in a new CPU like the 945 I would be able to O.C. it. So just swapping out the 910 for a stock 945 wouldn't boost up the processing speed enough to reach high settings? I mean if I replace the MoBo then I will have replaced the PSU, GPU, CPU, MoBo. I might as well strip this HP and build a system from scratch with a bigger case and better MoBo lol.

    I guess I would like to know if putting in a 945 would allow me to overclock it, and if not would a stock 945 give me a worthwhile gaming boost?
  7. Some companies like HP,in particular,will lock out some of the settings in the BIOS.I have no idea why.And the 945 isn't a BE,you would have to O.C. it with the FSB.

    Well yes you should see an improvemnt with just upgrading to a new CPU and keep your mobo but if you can't O.C. then you can use every asset,thats just my personal preference I guess,I don't really like not having that ability.

    So i just did a little research and it seems that both of those games are A LOT more demanding than I thought they were.They are really really CPU demanding more than GPU.It seems that Empire Total War only utlizes 2 cores and not so demanding.Shogun Total War is a really really demanding game.I don't think your gonna be able to max it out.

    Buy the CPU and motherboard and hold off on the graphics.That seems to be the biggest factor in Shogun Total War is a very fast, capable processor.

    Can you reaise your budget another $100?
  8. No three hundred is maxed right now. If I could get where I could max Empire I would be content for now. I mean if I buy a MoBo it's going to be a way better one that I could use in a future build, something that would allow use of the new hex core and crossfire GPU's and max memory speed. That's the only reason I put a 850 w PSU in this system, So I could take it out later. I don't want to get 4 to 5 hundred tied up in this when I am saving up to do a monster build in a year. If I could get a MoBo CPU combo that is a game changing double FPS boost for 300 I would go for it. I mean when I benchmarked the gpu with 3dmark it was at lowest 45 FPS and highest 110.
    the CPU however was in the mid teens. So if a new cpu like the 945 could achieve 35 FPS benchmark it would be good for now. If that's possible. Basically I am trying to get the best gaming boost I can for under 300 to hold me over untill I can afford a full system build in a year.
  9. I was going to suggest a new Sandy Brdige i5.The i5 is much much better than the hexa core from AMD.
  10. Ok good look out, I guess I will just go with the 945 for now that seems to be the best gaming fix for me....
  11. What graphics card were you thinking of gettings?
  12. I was thinking a 6950 so I could save a little money initially and crossfire it with another one later, or maybe a single GTX 580. Will I need to update my BIOS to switch out the processor?
  13. You said your PSU is actually a Thermaltake 850watt? Do you know how many amps are on the 12/v rail and how many 12/v rails their are?

    I forgot to mention that with the micro HP case your not gonna be able to fit a lot of high end cards like the 6950 etc.

    No you shouldn't have to flash the BIOS for the new processor.It states on HP's website that the mobo is native AM3 which is what socket the new processor is.But don't be suprised if you do need a BIOS update.It's not as hard is it seems.
  14. Just checked on HP's website and it doesn't look like they have any BIOS updates for processor's.Looks like it natively supports the 945,you shouldn't have any trouble.
  15. Actually after looking at a few things i think it's a waste of money to get the 945.I thought your current processor,the 910, didn't have L3 cache and it turns out it does.So basicly all you'd be spendong your money on is a processor that 400mhz faster which is a total waste of money.

    Trust me,don't get the 945 and just get a new mobo and a new CPU.You'll have to hold off on the GPU upgrade for a while.It's much better this way otherwise it would be a waste of money.
  16. well s*** I just processed the order with newegg before I came back and read your last post. I misunderstood you earlier post:

    "Phenom ii x4 945 @ 3ghz
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6819103809

    Their is another faster processor that fits the TDP of your mobo at 3.2ghz but you loose the L3 cache so I don't think that one is worth it."

    I guess you meant I would lose the L3 going with that cpu over the 945 as opposed to going with it over the 910 I already have. I wish I had the time to do all the research myself before I bought these things. Oh well I guess it will have to work until I can afford a new build, hopefully the .4ghz faster cores gives me enough boost to hold me over until then. Just out of curiosity to help save this situation I have another aging HP that is a family computer, would it be possible to put the phenom II x4 910 from this PC into this one: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&docname=c00585760 It has a Pentium D 920 Dual core in it, I figured the mother board would be to old to support the phenom so I hadn't really looked into it but not sure.
  17. to awnser your other question the PSU: http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx?C=1264&ID=1830#Tab1 Do you think this PSU will be sufficient for a future build around an i7 CPU the above mentioned GPU/GPU's and around 4 Gigs of high end ram, I would probably like to run a SSD and a 1tb hard drive but I have no experience in using Raid to set up a SSD and a hard drive.
  18. While it's processing you can still cancel the order.I'm sorry to say though by the time you probably read this it will have already shipped.

    Yes that is what I meant.The main reason why I suggested to get the 945 in the first place is because I didn't think your current processor had the L3 cache.Turns out after I did some more research it actually does.It's one of the very first Phenom ii x4's to feature the L3 cache.Basicly the 945 is the same processor it's just 400mhz faster which won't yield much difference and if your BIOS weren't locked you can easily achieve that 400mhz from a mild O.C.Which i'm sorry to say seems like a waste of money,i'm sorry.

    Yes that power supply is suffient enough to crossfire a 6950 and all of the other stuff.I was worried since I haven't checked the PSU yet but it will hold no problem.

    About your other againg computer,the processor thats in it is from Intel so your going to need a AMD mobo to support the 910.

    So you can still utlize the DDR2 RAM thats in it you should get a mobo like this


    That Biostar mobo will support the 910 prcoessor and the DDR2 RAM thats in the other computer.If you knew the speed of the RAM it would help me in selecting a better mobo.
  19. Oh, well I will have to make do, I will just try and sell the 910 and make up a little of the cost. I am sure I will be back on here asking for advise on my future build. Thanks for the help.
  20. Anytime.

    Post back if you have any other questions.
  21. From a 4850, the least best upgrade I'd get it's a 560 ti, 6950 2gb or a cheaper 6870 to later crossfire.
  22. So I did a little more research nvidia cards support the physX that Empire uses and ati doesn't someone thought that if your graphic card doesn't support it it could be pushed over to be run by the processor. So out of curiosity and with a future build in mind what if I switched to a NVIDIA card that supported physX would it better the game? Such as a GTX460 now that it's around 150$. I am curious if this upgrade might improve the game with the new Phenom II x4 945 over the old 910/4850. Secondly if I got a GTX 460 and used it in a crossfire setup in the future with an i7 would that setup be sufficient to max the total war games empire and shogun 2 on high resolution on a 22inch monitor?
  23. The physX effects on most games, it's almost noticeable, you can always choose to turn it off. That PhysX is more of a marketing thing. I would not worry about PhysX. Besides that Either Nvidia of AMD(ATI) produce a similar card for each budget.
    It would improve, but the best you can get is a 560ti, or a 6950 2gb, to make it worth of an improvement.
  24. Thats what we should a done.Shoulda spent the money on the 945 to get a new mobo.That way you could O.C. the 910.But a GTX460 is almost 3 times as powerful as the 4850 so it would make a diffrene with or without the 945 processor.Can't even begin to tell you how much of a fail that new processor is.My fault for not researching enough.I'd say a GTX560ti or more is reccomend to max it out graphicly but an i7 should do vey well.But an Sandy Bridge i5 is much more pwoerful than the old gen i7's.I'd get that and a GTX560ti.
  25. It's not to bad I had a friend buy the 910 off me today for 60 bucks so all in all I am only out 70 and even though it's not much of an improvement my wife tends to run a lot of simultanious apps, for photo editing internet browsing etc so it helps with that a little.

    I will be looking for something more powerful then the 560 ti alone in the future. I am thinking a 6950 crossfire setup on my future build. Now that I am looking hard at processors I am thinking more of the sandy bridge i7 It really sucks I don't have a intel MoBo those are looking sweet at 95w. But I am thinking I will buy a 6950 in the near term to go with what I have now. Then down the road I will build a intel board/S.B. i7/then crossfire the 6950 with another one. What do you guys think? I will definately be looking for advise on Mobo selection, Hard Drive(s),and Case fans/Cases. It sucks planning out 7 months cause you never know what is coming out. But I am saving a budget of about 1600 and I will have the PSU and one GPU already.

    Do you know how to turn PhysX off Cronos?
  26. Is it not possible to replace the HP bios with the motherboard manufacturers bios and overclock the thing?
  27. And I recommend getting a 460, It will max out pretty much anything at your resolution. Here's one for $120 after rebates.

  28. Even if you had a Intel mobo you would still not be able to upgrade to a new Sandy Bridge processor.Intel doesn't have multi socket boards like AMD.

    The 6950 crossfire sounds really good.Don't count out AMD just yet,AMD is supposed to be realeasing their new processors sometime next month.They could be more powerful than Intel's Sandy Bridge and cheaper.Also the market will likely flucuiate in prices for a while for both companies,some things could become cheaper.Something to think about for your next build.
  29. You mean if i went with an intel mobo I couldn't cross fire two 6950's? And if you can replace the bios so I can overclock this 945 that would be awesome. If anyone can tell me how please do. Yeah I will be looking to see what changes in the next 6 months before I decide. Do you guys have a good case and suggestions on Hard drives? I was thinking a SSD for gaming matched with a 1tb hard drive as storage.
  30. ya.. i agree with u
  31. You were saying about Sandy Bridge processor and how they use 95watts.I thought because of the wattage specifications that you were refering to use those processor with your current mobo,I guess I didn't understand you.

    I'm not aware of the BIOS change's.I would think HP would not allow those types of BIOS updates or rewrites because it would void the Warranty,which is why I think their locked in the first place.
    Just go buy a cheap $50 mobo so you can O.C. it.OR buy one of the new 990FX AMD boards that are out now so you can O.C. your current processor(those boards are very good for O.C.ing)and then you will be ready for when the new Bulldozer chips come out.The 990FX boards are AM3 and AM3+ boards in one socket.
  32. I like that idea, Yeah I was saying if I had an intel board instead of an AMD at 95w the processor limitations wouldn't have mattered. I am going to hold out on the mobo for now and see what happens in the next 6 months, if AMD comes out with something as good as the sandy bridge i7 I will go with the AMD board if not I will probably switch to an intel board.
  33. I actually just watched a couple of reviews of the top end 990FX boards for AMD and their isn't a huge difference in performance between the 990 and the 8xx boards.What i've gathered is that the 9xx series boards aren't ment to be faster than the 8xx series their just supposed to have more features.One of those features being for the first time in AMD history is to support 4 way SLI/Crossfire and 32 GB of RAM.But both of those focus points aren't really directed twards you.I would suggest just going with a 890FX board.

    The 890FX boards support AM3+ processors but it's unknown which ones.Same goes for the 990 boards.I'm guessing that they will both support the same since they are both AM3/AM3+ boards(backwards compatible).Even if the 890 series doesn't support the high end processsor i'm sure you can get a Bulldozer still with the 890fx boards.

    Here's what you should get for the 890FX route.


    I would actually suggest buying that ASAP.That is a really good deal for so many things that mobo has to offer.$120 after MIR is a great deal.And you would actually be able to see some performance increase let alone O.C. your CPU.

    Just for reference, the AMD's Llano processor is the lowest on the todem pole for AMD's lineup and it's about %30 faster than the Sandy Bridge competing processor to that class.I'm thinking Bulldozer will bring much to offer over Sandy Bridge.
  34. http://www.foxconnsupport.com/download.aspx?models=en-us0000472&category=C000000001&series=en-us0000012&keywords=&sort=BIOS

    That is likely the consumer version of your motherboard but since foxconn doesn't release there own bios for there OEM boards there is a good chance that it will brick your board and it will definately void your warranty (as will replacing the motherboard though). The only way I would try it is as a last resort if you plan to replace the motherboard anyways, because it's not like there is a resale value for OEM HP motherboards.

    Again though you are in far greater need of a GPU upgrade right now then a CPU overclock no matter how hard Empire Total War is on CPUs.
  35. As much as I hate to say this, I was at best buy and I saw they had PNY 560 ti OC version on sale for 239.00 which is less then newegg after tax and shipping. (or not having to wait a week for it to get here. So I am really thinking about picking it up and throwing it in my pc. If I understand you guys that should max out the games I play at these resolutions. As far as I can tell I shouldn't have any problems fitting the card in my case as the 4850 I have is fairly big and the 560 ti is suppose to be smaller then most cards in it's zone. I think that should hold me over for a year. Do you guys still think I am going to be limited on my gameplay with that 945? Should I start saving again for a new MoBo? I am really hoping this purchase would get me close to max for the total war games on these lower resolutions. Then I can save for a real build later on free of the stress of laggy gaming in the mean time.
  36. Like I said before those games are heavily CPU dependant.The 945 just ins't up to maxing out those heavily CPU demanding games.

    On a brighter side you will see a lot better frame rates with a GTX560ti even if it's being bottlenecked by the CPU.

    I really wish I hadn't suggested getting the 945.I'm really sorry about that.With AMD's new lineup of chips right around the corner you could have saved up and got a very good CPU.If not a new chip, the old generation of chips will have dropped in price.I guess the best thing is to get a new mobo.I would suggest getting a 8xx series board liek I suggested in the above post,that way your ready for a Bulldozer chip whenever you ahve the money.
  37. I am just worried that if I blow my money on a new MoBo and then more in a month or two on a new bulldozer chip I will still be really bottlenecked on my GPU. and then have to switch that out were talking 5 to 6 hundred bucks to get things set. When I really want to use that 3 to 4 hundred to start saving toward the new build. I am looking to build a fully capable pc of running games max on 1080 resolution on a 26 inch monitor. That will take 8 to 9 months right now of saving so the more I spend now the longer it will take. So what do you think will get me closer to maxing these games buying a gpu that is capable of maxing out the FPS. Or a New MoBo and overclocking the 945? I am thinking of ease of transition also. When I plan on doing the new build it is way easier to pull a gpu and put the old one back in this one. and putting the new one in the build. opposed to swapping the MoBo. So if I go with a MoBo and overclock the cpu I want to know that it will improve the gameplay way more then a gpu. I wish I could just upgrade this PC to the point that I want but I am afraid that the case airflow and size restrictions will prevent me from hitting that point. So put this to rest I have 250 bucks now I don't want to spend anymore time or money trying to patch this PC together. So option A: New MoBo, Cheaper I can OC the 945. Or Option B: New GPU 560 ti or 6950. Which option gets me closest to playing the games flawlessly on higher settings? If its a tie or close I would go with the GPU just cause its somthing I can easily take out and put in the new build.
  38. Go ahead and buy the GPU first.Your bound to see an improvement over the 4850.But i'm tellin you that your gonna be severly bottlenecking it.After you purchase the GTX56ti or the 6950 I suggest getting a new mobo,one of the AM3+ mobos.That way you can still O.C. your current processor and then you just have to buy a Bulldozer chip when your ready and your good to go cause you already have the mobo.
  39. Have you seen any pricing yet on the bulldozer chips? I am curious how much it would cost me total for all three GPU MoBo and CPU. And what kind of performance I would get out of that setup. Is it possible that would push the gaming to max at lower resolutions? Medium at HD? If I could pull off enough performance increase with that then I could push back the new build three more months. I am worried though that this would just be bandaids. New GPU, bottleneck at the CPU, then a new MoBo, OC CPU to even it out, then bulldozer chip and now bottleneck at the GPU lol. It's like pouring money into it and only inching toward my goal lol. I would be happy for a year or so with a machine that could pull off mid range frame rates at high resolutions with graphic options on high not ultra just above medium like 2xAA etc.
  40. Their is no pricing yet for the Bulldozer chips but I would assume somewhere around the $200 mark for a quad or six core processor.For a new GPU is around $230,new mobo would be around $120 and a processor would be around $200 which would total to be around $550.I don't consider these ugrades to be bandaids at all I woudld think of this new system to be your "ultimate" system your trying to build in a year or so.

    With a GTX560ti/6950 and a Bulldozer chip this PC should last you about 2 years or more depending.With a Bulldozer chip I would think you can max out the games your playing at 1080p or come really close.

    You basicly have all of the core compents you need for your new build.You have 8G of DDR3 RAM and a 800watt power supply.All you need is a Bulldozer processor,GTX560ti/6950 and a 990FX motherboard.And don't forget you will need a new case because that HP case has really really poor airflow.

    How much money do you have currently to put twards this?
  41. Do the 990FX support SLI/Crossfire? I would like to have the option to put in a dual 560ti/6950 down the road. I can go out and buy the 560ti right now the MoBo/Case would take a month or two of saving, (I am thinking when the MoBo is bought would be the best time to switch cases.) then another two months to save for the bulldozer. So 3 to 4 months. I would need a lot of help on the case selection though, Something that is big enough to take two GPU's with good airflow. And alot of Help switching out everything I have zero experience mounting Hard Drives, Optic Drives, Case fans etc.
  42. It's actually quite simple,it only looks complex because you've never done it before.I actually did my first move from case to case not to long ago.I can help you put it together if you'd like.Their are also many tutorial videos on you tube.

    Yes the 990FX boards support both SLI and Crossfire.I actually have doubts that a GTX560ti/6950 will actually fit in your HP case.Those HP case's are meant for Micro-ATX motherboards so they are really small which also means poor airflow for a massive card like the GTX560ti/6950.Case's are acutally not very expensive when compared to mobo's or CPU's.

    Here is a good case.

    HAF 912 $60+$8 Shipping


    Don't forget your going to need an Aftermarket cooler for Overclocking.I suggest this one...

    XIGMATEK Gaia $28 + Free Shipping


    It's actually a good thing that you can afford the Bulldozer right now.The worst time to buy anything is right at it's release.I think it's best to wait a couple months after so that the market settles,prices and go up or down.And their will be more variety of processsors as time goes on.
  43. Do you have any recommendations on case fans and how do you configure them, is everycase different or can you setup fans however you want. I assumed each case would have mounts of somekind facing vents. But how do you know what size fan and how many a certain case needs. I would like a recommendation on a full setup case, fans, any mounts that could be needed etc.... Thanks for all the help.
  44. For the HAF 912 the fan options are...

    Cooling System:
    -Front: 120 mm fan x 2, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA (one is optional,can be swapped for one 200mm fan)
    -Top: 120 mm fan x 2 or 200mm fan x 1(optional)
    -Rear: 120 mm fan x 1, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA
    -Side:120/140 mm fan x 1 (optional)

    Stay away from case's that offer anything below 120mm.Anything below 120mm don't move a lot of air and are really bad,imo.

    The fans that the case comes with are good but I would upgade to the x2 200mm fans(top and front) that are provided in the case when you have the extra money.You don't need to upgrade the fans right away, it's more of a luxary item after your finished building the entire rig.

    Theirs a whole lot of 120mm fans out there and it really depends what your looking for,silent,performance,long lasting etc.I suggest,when you are ready,to post a question about which fans to get in the CPU&Componets section forum.They will be able to provide you with all the info and fans you need.
  45. Ok well I just finish my case swap and let me tell you if anyone ever does this with a piece of crap pre built system mobo be aware. it took 3 hours of trial and error to figure out where to plug in the reset sw led pow etc cables. As HP uses so kind of 9 pin all spliced together configuration for the system power reset led lights. Of course there is no user manual to be found anywhere so it was fun times. I went ahead and went with the antec 902 case and everything went pretty smooth except dealing with the damn MoBo. I went ahead and went with the gtx 560 since I got such a good deal on it and the Overclocking I have got with it is impressive. So Now If I can just get rid of this crap mobo. I am saving now. But I have one big issue. Since I swapped over to nvidia is there an AMD board that allows Sli? I might have shot my self in the foot on that. I would like to keep the option of sli open for the future. Earlier you posted the 990 boards should support Sli but I am looking for something a little more mid range then top of the line.
  46. Ok I found this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157266

    Seems decent for my price range and it says it supports Sli. But Is it going to be good enough for overclocking the cpu to its limits? I need to make sure I get one with solid bios for overclocking some of the other cards reviews on the bios looked sketchy
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