Help me for choosing the right CPU

Hey, This was my first thread in the forum.

I need help to choose one CPU from two.
Intel core 2 duo E6600 2.4 4mb 1066 bus and E6750 2.66 4mb 1333 buz

I have Asus P5G43T-M PRO front side bus speed 1333 bus
1 COSAIR XMS3 4gb 1333 bus

Please suggest me the right CPU for my mobo.
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  1. Go with the E6750! It has a better clock speed and FSB.
  2. Since it's a LGA755 and if you're planning to put money into the CPU might as well go for a Core2Quad q8200 or a q9400.
    Or else the E6750 is better of the 2 you listed.
  3. in these 2 processors e6750 is the best choice more fsb and newer model then e6600
  4. OK then I go with E6670. Thanks for replies.
  5. OK then I go with E6750. Thanks for replies.
  6. Those cpus are almost more expensive than modern day cpus with better performance. Unless someone is holding a gin to your head and you got only that two options
  7. The newer cpu's are indeed better and similarly priced, but you've then got to buy a new mobo and new RAM, for only a little extra perf. for a cheap upgrade, just the cpu is best right now, beyond that a new platform is needed.
  8. I guess if that's the way you gotta upgrade, then that's what you do... I just really like some of the more expensive options out there - i3-2100 is one example. Just feels like you're putting a band-aid over the wound.... and eventually you'll want everything else that goes with the newer motherboards.
  9. like what? i'm in a similar position, other than quicksync, what exactly am I missing. P5B D/L & Q9550 & 6GB of RAM. I could spend £300-350 and bench slightly higher, game very slightly faster (when CPU limited, which I'm generally not). But otherwise have no discernable benefit? And UEFI? not really a benefit.
  10. I would go for the e6600 and overclock it, that is a p43 based mobo, it can do 400 fsb easily.
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