Get BSoD error 116 with one card, not with the other.

All of the sudden after over a year of using my card nVidia 465GTX i started getting freezes, BSoD and coming up with Error 116.
I figured it was driver related so i updated the drivers, but nothing happened. I have removed and replaced the card, updated the mobo drivers and reinstalled the card drivers, but it continues to happen.
I replaced the card with my old 8800 GTS, and everything works fine, even with letting Windows install the drivers for me.
What can i do? Is it a bad card? Please help.
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  1. Test the card in another computer.
  2. Agreed, test the card but it sounds like it is damaged. I can't rule out a Power Supply issue either but it's most likely the card itself.

    Some cards have a three-year warranty but most have one year.

    I found this link:
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