AMD APU (Llano) Mini-ITX Build

Hey guys,
lately I've been trying to build a new system for my new PC build.
I have waited until the A8-3850's release and am currently waiting for the ASUS F1A75-I (or Deluxe) Mini-ITX. I am a fan of Mini-ITX systems but it has always been a problem with budget and productivity for me. I am not a heavy gamer, so I don't play games like Crysis 2 or Metro 2033. And I am not a Online FAPS fan so I wouldn't need a beast CPU. I have came up with my first APU build down here but I want to know if I should wait and get the Bulldozer CPU (AM3+) instead of the current Llano APU (FM1).

Build I (APU):
PSU + Case:
(I am wandering if there's a better case for this, since I am on a low budget I think it'll be the best to buy a small Mini-ITX case; however, this PSU is only 200W...and I might want to do some OC sometime)
(I am concerned about the 100W APU. I've seen the A8-3800 that is 65W but I it's not going to be released until later and the GPU is slower.)
Motherboard: ASUS F1A75-I Mini-ITX (not yet released...hoping it'll be cheaper than $100.00)

It looks like I am not missing anything other than the monitor and keyboard+mouse. Looks like I am set, but anyone that's really great at Mini-ITX systems please tell me what to do. I am really lost here.

Uses for the system:
- homework/study/surfing
- Home Theatre PC
- casual gaming PC (Vindictus, Dragon's Nest, L4D2, and AOEIII)
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  1. Have you gone any further than just research as of late? If not try the A6 instead of the A8 for the lower overall power use.
  2. Personally, I love this Mini-ITX case from Thermaltake. It comes with 200W PSU.

    Thermaltake Element Q MINI-ITX Case Black 1X5.25 1X3.5 1X3.5INT Front USB Audio with 200W PSU
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