Gtx570 installed, which drivers are the best? and->sluggish start up?

I just installed the GTX570 superclocked (evga) that was recommended to me by many of you last week.. once i installed it, and then added the drivers that came from the disk, the computer would not shut sat on the "shutting down" screen for about 15 minutes before i held the power button...

then, the start up was quite slow, but after about double or triple the normal length of time, the computer booted to the main screen, and here i other than the computer being a bit sluggish on its 1st start up. i guess i need to know what to do next. should i try to update the drivers? or see how these work 1st?

also: its crazy to me to have a GFX card that idles at 34*C .....the HD4850 i took out, ran at about 65* at idle, and 90* under starcraft 2.

anyways, while i wait for replays, im gonna go try sc2, see how it works.


SC2 seemed to run swell, and for s&g i did a quick restart, and everything seems legit.
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    1) make sure you removed the previous video drivers before installing the new ones. If in doubt, go into your Add/Remove programs and look for drivers from your previous card. If you see any, remove them AND your new ones then reinstall your new drivers.

    2) Make sure your motherboard drivers are up to date. Go to the website. The most important driver is the main chipset driver. You can check driver versions in the "Device Manager" (search HELP or google if need be)

    3) if your computer is still sluggish it could be some other issue. If you still need help be more specific.

    4) You have issue with the the temperature of the new graphics card being LOW? That's a GOOD thing. Basically, if the graphics card isn't overheating and showing corruption or the fan control isn't working your card is fine.

    5) You should also run CHECKDISK (check both and reboot)
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    Always install the latest drivers from the Nvidia website. The latest are 275.33 WHQL drivers just released a couple days ago. Definitely uninstall your old drivers first (Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel), restart, then install the new drivers by double-clicking the file you previously downloaded from:

    Even if everything is running fine now, the latest drivers are usually best/fastest with bug fixes, etc.
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