Could i have a conflict with my h55m-ud2h motherboard and i5-650 cpu

Hello, I have a gigabyte h55m-udh motherboard and a i5-650 LGA1156 cpu. the problem I'm having is my PC just wont turn on. when I press the on button, the fans turn for about a second, then everything cuts out. I've sent my mobo back to get it checked out/repairs, but they returned it to me saying that there's nothing wrong with it.

I've also bought a new PSU, so that can't be the problem, and doubt it could be the RAM as I've tried it with 1 stick and no sticks and I get the same result.

It's strange because it was working fine for a while, but then suddenly it stopped and now I can't get it running again.

I've also cleared the cmos by resetting the battery, but still nothing.

ARGH!!! this is so frustrating!
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  1. What are the power supply brand and specs? Just because something is new doesn't mean it won't work with your motherboard. Some name brands can be doa, or have a bad wire on the atx 24 pin lead.
  2. That mobo is at bios version F11 now and the majority of i5-650 cpu releases require bios F9 to function properly.
    F4 isn't going to cut it,if that's what you're using.
  3. aplologies for the late reply.
    o1die, the power supply brand is Antec TruePower New 650W Modular PSU. I have tried with other power supplies, but this is the one I just recently bought.

    davcon, sorry, I don't know what that means! The strange thing is that it was working fine for almost a year, then decided one day "oh, I don't fancy working anymore, I'm going on strike" and presented this problem.

    PS, many thanks for your responses and in advance for future ones.
  4. I doubt you need a newer bios file. The original one should support the 650. I would try your old power supply first. Some power supplies simply don't work with certain boards. I would also lift your board out and do a bare post on wood or cardboard with just one stick of ram. You can touch the power switch cluster of pins with a screwdriver to power up after everything else is connected. Good luck.
  5. Already done it o1die. Even tried with no sticks of RAM, reseated the CPU. I did notice a slight irregular on/off pattern when I took the 4-pin 12V out and just tried it with the 24-pin - it still switch on then off after a split second, but kept looping this process. When I plugged the 4-pin back in, the looping process stopped and only on/off once when I pressed the power switch.
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