Cant decide on a graphics card, help

alright so this summer i plan on making a computer and i cant decide what would be a good graphics card for my system, im looking for help picking one with reviews / benchmarks etc.

heres my hardware

gigabyte ud4 b3 p67 mobo
i5 2500k cpu
23 or 24 inch lcd monitor, 1900x1080
8gb g skill ripjaws 1600 dual channel 4x2
cm hyper 212+ heatsink
750w hx corsair psu

thats my specs, i was thinking on two gtx 560 ti twin frozr ii OC in SLI but i read that radeons might be the better way to go, looking for someone to point me in the right direction. Some of the games i plan on playing are BF3 (i hear nvidia runs well with battlefield games particularly) TESV skyrim, and whatever other games i buy off steam. im looking for a card that is in the price range of the gtx 560 ti twin frozr (230 dollarish) and wont die on me after using it for a month due to overheating lol. thanks.

OH also, i have a tv that i would like to hook up with my monitor so i can search up guides etc. while im playing, it has a vga hookup on the back so im guessing i just use a dvi to VGA cable? the tv is prob 1300x720ish res does it matter? thanks.
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  1. Well how much over that '230 dollarish' are you willing to go? What's your give/take? With that said, here's something cool that you can think about.

    The approximate equivalent to the GTX 560 would probably be the Radeon 6950 which can be anythere from 10 - 50+ dollars more depending on where you shop. The next step up would be the Radeon 6970 which is in the 350 dollar range. Here's the cool part;

    You can literally make the 6950 a 6970 card. Literally. The performance will be exactly identical, the only difference is that your card says 6950 on it but it is not a 6950. So basically, you're paying for 6950 hardware but getting the performance of a 6970 and that includes overclocking too. You're not overclocking it to be a 6970, you're making it a 6970, then when you OC it, you will be OCing it as a 6970 and not a 6950. Less = more in this case :D Here's a link for that

    So either way you go, I just thought I'd throw it out there so you can see more of your options :)

    As for the TV, as long as you can connect it (as you've said, through a dvi-vga converter), there's no reason why it shouldn't work.
  2. so what do you guys think would be better? two gtx 560 ti or one 2gb radeon hd 6950 unlocked to a 6970 and overclocked? i know it would be cheaper to go with the 6950 but is the money i save worth the performance drop? and i read that you have to use a 2gb "reference card" what would be an example of a card that can be flashed?
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