Several Problems and I need one answer!

I bought BF2:BC2(PC), and I have my xbox linked to my computer downstairs that has a wireless connection, so I have it bridged.
First yesterday, my xbox was having troubles logging in even though it is hardwired. It told me that two computers are sharing the same ip, so I fixed that. Then it said that I need to open the ports to the xbox.

Then I installed BC2 and I couldn't get the servers page to show any servers, even though I restarted and lost my free stuff for the ultimate edition and tried new update, and it still doesn't work.
I read that for this problem I would also need to open the ports.

SO, I have two sets of instructions ready for me to open the ports for my xbox and for bc2.
Only problem is, i have to have a static ip.
I know how to change it to a static ip, but the only problem is, when I type my IP into my computer or my main computer with the modem, it doesn't connect to the network where I would edit it.

I did the whole cmd - ipconfig-and looked at the ip for each computer and even though is standard I tried several other ips and none worked.

Next, i found an auto static ip configurator and it doesn't even work on my computer, I click start, it runs and when its done it still says dynamic.

Anyways, so I have like 10 pains in my ass, and nothing I do seems to work and I have researched and whereever I go whatever I do, nothing works.!

SO please help me.
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  1. I'm a bit confused since sometimes it sounds like you have a wireless router (, other times not. You mentioned having the xbox bridged to the computer downstairs. If you were using a wireless router, that wouldn't be necessary. Are you perhaps NOT using a wireless router, but have your computer downstairs connected directly to the broadband modem and using ICS to share the connection to the xbox?

    I wasn't even sure if this was a problem only w/ the xbox, or perhaps the xbox and computer downstairs trying to use the same gaming servers at the same time. I see BF2 (presumably for xbox?) and BC2(PC) suggesting this may be the case. But it's just not clear.

    Anyway, it would be helpful if you could clarify the architecture here. And it would also help if it you explained what you’re trying to achieve, in simple non-technical terms.
  2. Ok, upstairs is the modem and wireless router, down stairs my computer is hooked up wirelessly from upstairs.
    My 360 is plugged into the back of my downstairs computer.
    I am not really concerned with the 360 right now, because I got a wireless adapter for the back of the 360.

    So I found two programs, one an auto static ip addresser, and a port forward program. These programs also can't access the ip, even though i put the correct name password.

    I tried them because when I type the I.P. I don't even get asked for name and password. All I get is either internet can't load or it shows the ip in a google search.

    Bad Company 2 is on the PC downstairs, and I can't even play the online. So when I looked around it said to forward the ports and it should work. So if you have answers on how to fix BC2 then thats all I am really concerned about.

    But I think its weird that neither of the computers can log into the IP for setup.
    Both computers have internet and have had internet.
    The modem is from comcast and the router is a Linksys WRT320N, and I have a Linksys Wireless-N Dual Band adapter.

    When I go into my linksys icon in the network connections, I remember it used to show the ip, mask, and so on, now its blank.
    It again said that two computers are sharing the same IP.
  3. Well, I didn't want to come back and say this but your not going to believe this.

    When you click into the BC2 servers nothing shows up, so I push reset and nothing happens.
    THis is why I went to all this trouble.

    So i went and tried again, I clicked the search button and guess what.......................The servers pop up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have to chose the filters first before the servers pop up. ROFL!!
    I am probably the stupidest person ever!! Even though I can't log in I don't care anymore! LOLOLOLOLROFLROFL
  4. Ok, I’m starting to get the gist of it.

    First of all, forget all this extraneous stuff like auto static ip addresser, port forwarding programs, passwords, etc. I'm not even sure what all that stuff is. It sounds to me like you have relatively simple setup. Here's my interpretation based on your description.

    [modem]<-- wire -->[wireless router]<-- wireless -->[pc]<-- wire -->[xbox]

    Let’s pretend for the moment the xbox is not even there. In fact, disconnect it from the PC until we have the PC working.

    In order to use BC2 on the PC, yes, you’ll need to port forward on the router. You can do that one of three ways. You can enable UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) on the router (the best solution imo, the PC will open and close the necessary ports automatically), or manually configure the ports yourself (tedious and error prone), or place the IP address of the PC in the DMZ (simple, but risky since it means the PC is no longer protected by the router’s firewall).

    If you manually port forward or use the DMZ, it’s best to have a static IP for the PC since that will ensure the port forwarding will always work. But if you use UPnP (assuming BC2 supports it, some older games may not), you can continue to use DHCP on the PC since each time the game is played, it will determine the currently assigned IP address of the PC and port forward correctly (one of the many advantages of UPnP!).

    In order for UPnP to work, the wireless router has to support and have it enabled (it’s usually disabled by default). I suggest you do that, at least for now. Just use DHCP on the PC and enable UPnP on the router and see what happens.
  5. Just noticed your post (you got it in just before I posted).

    Hey, if it's working and you're happy, so am I.
  6. yeah, I do that sometimes.
    Well I went and bought a Wireless adapter for the 360, and I think it was messing around with my network.
    I still can't access my network, but I didn't use a static ip or port forward, I couldn't not without being able to
    access the, I didn't even get a pop up to ask me my login(which I know).

    BUt Bad Company 2 is super sweet, I heard that you can pay 60 bucks to join the BF3 Beta here soon,
    oh yeah and you get MoH. lol.
    MoH left on a bad note, I have 4 MoH ps2 games and none of them were nothing like CoD.

    Anyways, the game doens't have any problems, and with some tips from the forums at ea for the game, I have
    gone into the game settings file and tweaked her out for maximum fps.
    I also got CCC cranked up and she runs so good, she doesn't even hit 61 celsius

    965 3.8ghz
    R5770SO "giga" "960ghz"
    CM 690 2 adv.
    WD 1tb 6gb/s
    win 7 home 64bit oem
    "blue' gskill ripjaws 1600 7-8-7-24-2
    CM 212+ "push n pull"
    Asus DVD Burner
    H233H "acer 23"
    HP psc 1350
    Logitech M705 and MK 700 combo
    logitech A-0374A Usb Headset
    Phillips "SPA7351" 2.1
    WD500H7U "500gb" external
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