Wd element hard drive not working power chord component

Unable to read hard drive. Message read "Driver not found".
I have re-installed driver, reads "Initio Default Controller" on Printer and Devices screen display, and I'm still unable to read data from the Hard drive.
I noticed that on the power adapter, inside the "plug", is missing the rectangular "plastic pin" which is in the centre of the other copper pins. Could this be causing the problem?
Please help.
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  1. It sounds like you are refering to the USB cable so yes that could be the problem.
    Also, the Elements drive typically uses an external power pack to run the drive and without it you will not be able to read the drive either.

    The USB is used for 'data only' when the external drive has its own power pack. This is done when the drive uses more power than the USB port can deliver and prevent it from burning out that portion of your motherboard.
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