Do i really need to follow the memory support on motherboards site?

I wanted this motherboard for HTPC but i want to put a
G.Skill (2x2gb) ram buy i could not find the Ram code on memory support list on the BIOSTAR site...

heres the ram


do i really need to follow these memory support list???


it will really not support......
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  1. i think same DDR3... it will support, that same as with y mobo TA890GXE and your mobo spec is (1600(oc).. it mean .. mobo will auto ran at 1333 .. if you want ran at 1600 need manual setting from bios
  2. The supported ram lists on the motherboard sites are not all inclusive, there are simply too many different models of ram out there for them all to be tested, so just because it is not on the list doesn't mean it won't work, it just means its not guaranteed.

    Usually the ram manufacturer also has a supported motherboard list (which is also not all inclusive) that you can check as well.

    If you are buying ram that is not on either list just make sure of your speed/timing/connections and you should be fine.
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