Memory issues.

Hi I think I posted in the wrong sub-forum...

My Mushkin 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 RAM has been fine for 2 months of stable usage, so I tried overclocking and it went to 8-8-8-24 3 hours memtest86+ stable. It will do 10 hours of HCI memtest, 1 hour mac ram IBT, and my cpu runs through 12 hours of prime95 small ffts. Is there any reason why with any settings changed, p95 blend crashes (either program stops or 1 core gets 1 error) after 3 hours? Itll do the same thing at 8-8-8, 8-9-8, 8-9-9 and finally at rated 9-9-9-24... What's going on?
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  1. Tell me why are you overclocking RAM, would you benefit from it NO, would it increase your PC performance NO, so whatever overclocking ram is just totally a ruin idea it will not give you a massive increase in performance lets say MAXIMUM it can give you about 2 or 3% increase thats isn't worth even there is no huge difference between 1333mhz vs 1600mhz frequencies both are good for everything, but nowaday people plan to use 1600 cause that is standard by todays.
  2. I'm doing it for the hell of it, and thanks for the well-meaning if patronizing advice, but I know all of those things. I'm currently RMAing my graphics card and thought it would be fun to mess about and tweak my system while I waited. Don't need to tell me RAM overclocking is touch and go either, because I know that too.

    Anyway my question still stands, how come my system is apparently so stable but then fails p95 blend after 3 hours? I'm talking about stock/rated speed, or any other speed for that matter. Any setting and the program either crashes or errors. Any clues?
  3. may not be the ram..may be the chipset heating up after 3 hours. diffrent stress test can stress other parts of the system. if it not the chipset getting hot it may be the cpu memory controller. you can see if it heat the side case check how the fans are blowing and if there any air movement on the mb chipset.
  4. Cheers for the answer. It feels like there's plenty of airflow in my case, and as for chipset, I'm on a 3570k ivybridge so the northbridge is integrated. During small ffts and blend the hottest core is 70C if that means anything?

    My RAM is XMP, and cpu is overclocked mildly to 4.3ghz, with voltage on auto (not much in terms of voltage options in bios).
  5. if it an asus mb check the ram bus when you use the asus over change the ram bus speed from 1:1 to 1:5 speed.
    sometimes that cause issues.
  6. It's 1:6 on mine! Crazy, different mobos do things so differently. there should be some kind of standard lol. Anyway I spent a lot of time in my mobo, testing ibt, p95, mt86+, so it's been stability testing for a couple days straight. What I've learnt is that my chip absolutely stinks, but I can get 4.4ghz out of it and I'm not (hopefully) stable. 4 hours of blend and running.
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