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Hyper 212+ w/955 Temps

I've had my 212+ for a few months now, and I love it, but I just want to get a bead on what everyone else experiences with it. The problem with CPUs and aftermarket HSF is that no one ever has the exact same CPU/Mult/FSB/Voltage/case/etc and so its hard to tell how my 212+ is really handling. I have a poor history of mountain CPU coolers, so I just wanted to see if my temps are where they're supposed to be.

I have Phenom IIx4 955 c3 at 3.81Ghz 1.385v with a Hyper212+ w/the thermal compound it came with. I have a full tower chieftec that adequate cooling. My temps are around 40C idle and 58C in Prime95. Ambient is a little over 20C. Let me know if you have a similar setup what kind of temps you're getting.

The reason I ask is that I want to hit 4.0Ghz or at least do some overclocking of my NB. Doing either of those right now pushes my temps over the 60C mark. As of right now my 955 bottlenecks my 2x6870s in certain games, and I'd like to eliminate the issue as much as I can. Thanks!
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  1. My C2 Phenom x4 @3.7GHz (unlocked 550BE) got 33C idle 51C load (prime 95) room temp 21C with a 212+. I think maybe your 2 GPUs are making your case hot.
  2. I took the door off the side of my case, so its got plenty of air. Temps are still the same. I have a tube of MX-4. Think its time to re-apply? Again?
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    Your temps aren't maxed out but they are a little high for the ambient temp. You may need better case airflow to OC higher. I doubt the OC however will make a significant diff on "bottlenecking" your Vid cards - if it is actually doing that now.

    One of the mistakes a lot of folks make with HSFs is they use too much TIM. You only need TIM the size of a pea or uncooked grain of rice. More TIM is NOT better.
  4. Thanks for all the input, I really appreciate it. I do believe I used a little too much AS5 when I installed the 212+, a little came out around the edges. BF3 is about the most cpu intensive app I run, and temps never go over 55C.

    The reason I left the door off was because I had no side intake over my PCI slots (old case) so in crossfire with the door on temps would go northwards of 99C on my second GPU. I installed a fan in the door on my case. I had to use a dremel to cut a hole out, but it was worth it. GPU temps never go much over 65 now, so overall my whole computer runs quieter with it.

    Maybe someday I'll re-apply, but seeing as how the temp difference is only 5 or so degrees, I'll leave it as it is for now. I finally got crossfire working smoothly and got my CPU OCed nicely, I'd like to just enjoy my system for awhile before I go working on it again.

    Edit: also I just knocked my voltage down 2 steps (whatever steps are on my mobo) and that lowered temps a few more degrees, things are starting to shape up nicely
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