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Hello everyone I recently joined toms hardware and this is my first post. I am building a new system and I will list the specs one thing i cant decide is video card atm. I am keep looking at the reviews and reading forums but cant make up my mind My budget is around $270s which in the range of 560 ti or ati 6950 as far as i know. I wont be doing much OC maybe minor but nothing crazy silent card would be nice I do 3d designs for hobby (Using POSER PRO and 3d Max) website designs video editing and some animations and of course gaming too. I will be listing the parts I am using if you can give me your opinion about which video card i should be using that would be great and size of the card is kinda important too i guess my case is not that big.

Coolermaster HAF 912


Intel i7 2600k

CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (8-8-8-24)

Power Supply:
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    I dont know much about 3D work, but both the GTX 560Ti and the HD 6950 2GB are equally good at gaming.
    However, you have a HAF 912 and the reference HD 6950s are pretty long cards, so I recommend this GTX 560Ti:
  2. I was looking at that MSI and seems like one of the best 560s out there I was also thinking about asus and evga and is there a very big difference between msi twin frozr and msi hawk edition besides the speed?



  3. It's better if you buy AMD SAPPHIRE 6970 2GB if you are low on your budget.NVIDIA is a bit expensive.Don't worry it will fit in Coolermaster HAF 912,it's big enough
  4. Besides the factory OC, there is not much difference. MSI's custom coolers are some of the best you'll find on any non-reference high end card.They're really quiet and keep the temperatures very cool.
  5. I narrowed it down to 2 cards I just need to choose one lol. They both seem nice but I cant decide which one I should buy.
  6. Among those two, I'd go with the ASUS card.
  7. Thank you for all the replies, I bought Asus one from newegg and once it arrives I will be able to build my system.:)

    Thank You
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  9. i would go for ASUS if u are planing to decide between ASUS and MSI but still i recomend AMD 6970 as it is much faster,cooler and uses vapour cooling system which maintains the temperature even in extreme conditions.
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