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Hi everyone, I've been reading the forums for awhile here and got the itch to try my hand at building a pc with a budget of $2200. It would be used mainly for gaming and playing bluray 3d content via projector. I've done some research over the past month and have chosen these parts for my build, and would just like to know if some of the more experienced people here have some advice as to whether there might be compatibility issues or maybe better parts to choose rather than the ones I have selected. I already have a keyboard and mouse and win7 64bit. Thank-you in advance and I truly appreciate your support.

Current parts:
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K (3.7GHz Turbo)
MEM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB DDR3
PSU: ABS Majesty series 1100W Gold Certified
HD: Western Dig.Caviar Black 1.5TB 7200 RPM
OPTICAL: HP BD240I Blu Ray Combo Drive
DISPLAY: Acer H5360 1280 x 720 DLP projector
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  1. Sounds good. However:
    1-PSU's overkill. You'd be fine on a good 800W unit.
    2-I think you'd get more value out of 6970s.
    3-Any reason you're going water-cooled? Are you really crazy about noise? Those 570s/6970s will be way louder than any CPU heatsink.
    4-What's the point of playing fancy blu-rays on a projector that can only handle 1280x720? That's like SLI 590s played on a tiny old CRT display - pointless. You should get yourself an actual monitor, imo.
    Let's see about budget:
    $220 2500K
    $140 HAF
    $110 HDD
    $094 BDD? It seems like you can get them for $65. What am I missing?
    $220 mobo
    $050 RAM
    $050 any decent heatsink
    $135 Corsair Enthusiast TX850
    $680ish 6970s
    That's $1699 with just computer parts (no display options). I think your best option would be to get a real display.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I'm going to look at downgrading the PSU and check out prices on a cheaper BDD, about the liquid cooling—I am looking at overclocking the processor in the future—can you do this safely with a fan? Also I am using the BDD for playing 3d movies, although if you have other options for playing 3d movies please let me know—I am not that interested in downloading 3d movies as I appreciate the physical copy. I was looking at getting a monitor but I would like to go projection so that my family can watch movies as well (I should've mentioned that earlier). I would like to know why dual 6970s would be a better choice? The dual 570s were $229 each and I've read nvidia's 3d vision is better quality. Any advice? Thanks for helping me out.
  3. Sounds interesting and could be an option. Would I be looking at a whole different setup if I waited for this? Not sure if I can wait that long!
  4. Oh, that's an excellent 570 deal. Go for that - on the Egg they're all barely cheaper than the 6970.
    The projector resolution remains an issue. It's just a waste to have the one you've selected - but oh, now I've done some research. It's awfully hard to get an affordable 3D projector. Nevertheless, I think you'd do better by simply getting a large, physical 3D setup. With $220 extra from that GPU deal, you have $1520 to drop on display hardware. You can afford a big, fancy 3DTV for your blu-ray 3D escapades (Toshiba 42", $1170) and a sweet 27" monitor (or 24", if that's your flavor) for gaming too, since playing on a big TV is incredibly awkward. I've found a decent 27" at $350 ( There are tons of 24 inchers, but the one that I know and love (so do the Egg reviewers) is $200 (
    Your budget is not big enough to justify waiting for new, faster GPUs. You could go much faster than this on today's tech.
  5. I agree about waiting for the new gpu and I see your point about the monitors and now I'm on the fence! The reason I started thinking about projection was because this one has gotten a lot of good reviews, it's on nvidia's 3d compatible list and it's only 499. And yes, all the 1080p projectors are quite expensive. But your right that nothing really beats a large hi-def moniter, and if I can fit it in the budget then I think I will. Thanks for the links, and the help. I certainly have a lot to consider but after hearing your advice I may be leaning more towards a monitor setup.
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