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[Solved]Connecting a stock motherboard to new case, power button issue

I just got a Azza toledo 301 case and put my stock Dell 018d1y motherboard from a inspiron 560 in the case. The motherboard uses a plug that looks like a USB 2.0 plug on the mother board but only uses 6 of the 10 prongs. The average motherboard has labeled prongs for where the power switch, reset switch, and hard drive activity plug into the motherboard. My motherboard does not lable them nor does it in the manual. I called dell and they couldnt tell me either but said if i shipped my computer to them they would plug it in for me. Does any computer major know how i could just plug them in? but i dont want to guess and end up shorting something out.
^ it's the black port that looks just like the USB ports all the way to the right side under the SATA plugs.

So is it safe to connect the cables to their right spot? or is there something that i'm missing? because this is dell and none of their parts make sense. The had part is that I don't know what is positive or negitive. and there is still 3 extra pins that im curious that 2 of them might be for a reset switch. I wish i could just find a manual for this motherboard that defines the pins for me. But I dont want to spend $20 to ship my computer to dell and $40 just for one of them just to touch it.
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  1. could anyone at least tell me what would happen if I plugged them in wrong? like a short circuit that would cause the mobo to get ruined?
  2. If this pic you posted is the color code for the Dell's front panel connector... should be able to trace the connector's wire colors back to the Dell board's front panel header and identify which pairs of pins are for what device. Then it is just a matter of polarity. Whts and blks are negative, and the Pwr sw doesn't matter.
  3. Thank you. But is there any worry (because dell makes no sense) that connecting the wires could cause something bad? I'll just plug them in, in the morning to see if they work. is there any chance that 2 of the extra 3 pins on the mobo could be for the reset switch?
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    The other pins on the board's F_PANEL header may include a reset switch, yes. But without a manual for that board, it would be impossible to tell for sure. Most of the builds I've done have had somewhat of a std pattern to the pinout arrangemnet on the F_PANEL header. Look closely at the pinout header on the board. Usually there are abbreviations of what the pin pairs are for printed on the surface of the motherboard.

    But by using the method I outlined above, you should have no problem identifying the pins for PWR, PWR LITE, and HDD ACTIVITY LITE.

    This is a "standard" layout for most 9 pin F_PANEL headers on simple boards. But I can't garantee your Dell board agrees with it.
  5. Alright, I plugged in the power switch and HD light and they both worked on the case.
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