PC Will Not Start Up, and fans do not run

Hello, I am having some trouble here. I was planning on upgrading my current system by transplanting all the internals of the old PC to a bigger case so I could fit a bigger PSU in it. Everything went all good, until I attempted to boot everything up. I attempted to start everything up with the new PSU, but nothing happened. Even the psu's fans did not run.

I disconnected everything and used a paper clip to see if it was a PSU problem, and sure enough, it wasn't. I even connected the Hard Drive and the CD drive to the PSU, and they seemed to run fine too with the paperclip method. I then put the cables back to the mobo, and nothing happened. the PSU's fans wouldn't even run.

Yes, I put the cable in correctly, with the 20pin connector plus the 4 pin connector. Could I have a dead mobo on my hands?
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  1. Please help guys. This is really urgent, as this is my friend's system, and this is his only PC and I'm really trying to help him out.
  2. give this a read, you could have not connected the 4/8 pin for the cpu . .a stand off is missing and shorting the motherboard . .look at the step by step:
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