DOES nvidia 220 gt SUPPORT CORE I5 & DDR3 RAM

I have bought brand new pc with intel board,core i5 processor,ddr3 4gb of ram

Can u please tell me Which Graphic Card is suitable for my pc?
plz help me...
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  1. Any PCIe card will work as long as the PSU has the power to run it.
  2. Yes, the GT220 should work fine but like MM said, any PCIe video card will work as long as your power supply meets it's requirements. The GT220/GT430 should be a good bet if you don't know what your output rating is for your power supply.
  3. A GT 220 is a very weak gpu.
    A 6670 would be a good option.It only requires 5 W more to run than a Gt220, and is much more powerful.
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