Cant get into bios?

Hello! :)

I am going to build a new computer some time next week so I wanted to start by tested my new compoents so I put them together and the motherboard box just to let it run overnight..

I have installed windows but now I cant get into BIOS?

I have a feeling that it is very simple but I cant find it in the manual with the first few glanses..

I guess its because it has turned on rapid start or whatever its called. But when I start up I dont get the usual screen telling me that I can press DEL to enter BIOS.. and if I press DEL under the startup I end of with a screen that says I have to press ENTER to start windows or use TAB to mark the memory diagnostic tool.

so how do I get into my bios?

its the ASUS Sabertooth Z77

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  1. by pressing the DEL key several times when you hear the beep or just before the post screen.

    if you wait to hit it, you're too late.
  2. ahh, thanks alot for the reply! :)
  3. I agree.
    I have the same problem. Sometimes my loading screen flashes by too quickly or I never even see it.

    Press the DEL key every two seconds and you should get a rough idea when is too late or too early to start pressing it.

    Selecting a longer POST might help a bit (does a bit more testing of RAM and may delay things enough to see the boot screen with DEL key option showing).
  4. Most of the computers I've used went like this:

    DEL key - boot into BIOS on desktop motherboard

    F2 key - boot into BIOS on laptop motherboard
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