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i have a 790fx gd70 mobo,and my case is seethrough,so i was wandering there is a led light showing a temperature change constantly,is that the cpu temperature?because is sitting on 70-84 when im playing games,so i wanted to ask the community here if its time to change the thermal paste,or is it from somthing else?tnx in advance
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  1. If the temp is 70-84°C then that is too hot!
  2. so is that the cpu temperature?and do i need to change the thermal paste?
  3. Where did you get the reading from? If it is GPU temp then it is fine.
  4. mobo,790fx gd70 there's a small led light showing a temperature,but i don't know if its from the gpu or the cpu...
  5. that's why i asked if that's the cpu tempareture or gpu
  6. any1?
  7. If it is on the board then it is CPU or system temp! Check in bios it has a health or H/W monitoring tab.
  8. if it's health its the board temp and if it's the H/W it's the CPU?how does it go exactly?
  9. It should be listed CPU temp and system temp!
  10. I have a 790FX-GD70 as my second box. That display on the board IS CPU temperature. And I agree, that's really BAD!
  11. so thermal paste change needed right?
  12. At minimum!
  13. can i do it by myself or do i need to get it to an expert?
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