Un-Identified Local Only Network!!!

Hey guys

I just spent an hour running a Ethernet cable through our walls to my laptop. I hook it up and it says it's a local only network. So I look it up on google and it turns out it's a known problem! So you guys probably know what it is. My laptop has wifi but I have a rough connection over here in this room... it's probably the farthest you can be in our house from the router. So that is why I want to connect this cable to it.

So I don't really know what to do... I tried a few things like disabling the IPS6 or something along those lines but no luck.

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  1. What's the other end of the ethernet cable connected to? A router? The modem?
  2. It's connected to a ethernet switch which I believe is connected to the router. We have DSL and no modem.
  3. You *believe* it's connected to the router?! You don't know for sure?

    Most DSL users have a combination modem+router. It's actually a modem and router combined into a single device. It will typically have 3-4 LAN ports and an Internet port (RJ11) from which you run a phone line over to the DSL service on the wall.

    [wall](rj11)<-- phone line-->(rj11)[dsl modem+router](lan)<-- wire -->(lan)[laptop]

    Does that sound right?
  4. Oh wait I got er going! I went into the properties and it had the ip and dns address's set to something so I changed it to automatically determine the settings.
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