CPU crashes computer 18 seconds after start up


Very weird problem I've got with a AMD Phenom II X4 920.

It started with a complete computer freeze while playing BF3, and after a hard reset, the CPU started displaying these two main symptoms.

1: CPU started making a high pitched sound

2: The computer freezes after exactly 18 (ish) seconds.

There is no sign of damage to the CPU itself, and the rest of the machine runs flawlessly (Using my less powerful AMD 64 x2 CPU as a replacement). this suggests a weird issue with the CPU itself.

Nothing seems to change the time of the crash, whether it's waiting in the BIOS or loading up windows. Doing a soft reset (So the cpu remains running) does nothing to this time as well, so it doesn't seem to be a overheating issue.

Can't find any answers or problems that are similar to this, and it doesn't seem to fit the usual bill of CPU problems, so any help with this would be appreciated in case I can spare having to drop more money on another quad core.
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  1. You need to list your system specs, especially the power supply. You should also check your bios file. You may need to flash it to run the newer cpu.
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