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So recently, I had an issue with my on-board audio (Motherboard: DH61WW). For some reason, the audio jacks wouldn't work (both front and back), and I also tried putting an X-Fi Soundblaster XTremeMusic into my PCI slot but it wouldn't work there either. The solution I've come up is a DVI to HDMI cable to my monitor and playing the sound through my monitor.

This leads me to 2 questions. One, how do I make the sound play from my speakers instead of the speakers on my monitor? There is an audio jack on the back of my monitor but I think it's a line-in and not a line-out. Two, does anyone have any idea what might be wrong with my on-board audio?

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  1. Goto control panel / sound an switch the standard audio device from HDMI to onbord sound
  2. the onboard sound isn't working
  3. Drivers installed? Win7 supports only one audio device at a time.
  4. Yes, I've been through all the loops trying to fix my on-board sound (I've reinstalled windows and all my drivers, reset my BIOS settings, tried all the audio ports on my computer...). I'm pretty sure it's a hardware issue.

    I'd like to add on a few things. When I plug in my speakers to the audio jack, my RealTek audio drivers recognize that a device has been plugged in (even recognizing that it's on the back port) and asks if it is speakers or headphones. However no sound is produced when I do a sound test on the volume bar. The problem is not my speakers, I tested them with some music on my phone.
  5. So it is 'electronically' working. I can only guess, that the audio output is muted somewhere on the way to the RealTek. If you go to control panel /sound does it show a peak level bar next to one of the devices?
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