No Monitor display, pc still powers up

When I turn my computer on it powers up but the monitor doesn't display a picture and tells me to "Check Signal Cable". All the fans still spin and the hard drive starts up and I can still open the CD drive though.

So, the other day I got an old 2nd hand P.C, it it only had a 40gb IDE hard drive so I decided to get a new one. I bought a new Seagate Barracuda 2TB model and went to install it in my computer. Annoyingly I had to remove the CPU to install it into the drive bay. After that I put my computer back together and it wouldn't display anything on the screen.

I bought a new Corsair 650w PSU, but it still does the same thing. I then unplugged all unessential components but it still won't start up.
I can't think of anything else except I might have been a bit aggressive with the CPU.

btw the motherboard doesn't beep or make any sounds at all...

Any ideas?
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  1. Well, it sounds like you've already found the obvious problem. If the system was working until you removed the CPU, then you didn't re-install the CPU correctly. Did you plug the CPU power connector back in? Are you sure the CPU cooler is installed correctly? Is the CPU cooler fan plugged in? Are you sure the CPU is mounted correctly? Have you removed the CPU again to check for bent pins? Did you remove the old thermal paste and replace it with fresh thermal paste?
  2. The CPU seems to be installed correctly, there was a couple of bent pins but i straightened them out so I didn't think that was a biggie. Could installing a new HDD overload the motherboard or something like that?idk

    And shouldn't it still go into BIOS or the motherboard should make beeping sounds even without the CPU installed (I remember reading this somewhere)?

    If it is the CPU I hope I can fix it because I can't really afford anymore new parts atm.

    P.S. I already tried a lot of the things in a no boot troubleshooting guide, this one looks a lot more comprehensive than the one I was reading before though. I'll have a read through and get back to you.
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