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USB 2.0 case and USB 3.0 motherboard

If a case does not say it has USB 3.0, will I be unable to use the USB 3.0 in a motherboard that has it?
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    Your case front panel won't be able to utilize usb 3.0 if it isn't included.
    Your mobo will supply usb 3.0 at the rear of your case.
    You can buy a usb 3.0 front bay adapter.
    SilverStone FP36B
    All it does is re-route usb 3.0 from rear access to front.
  2. So I can still use USB 3.0, but it won't be on the front panel?
  3. Correct.

    Some case manufacturers may be willing to sell / give ya the new modules.....Antec sent me a pile of them about 2 months after I bought 3 cases from them w/ USB 1 ports....the sent 6 USB modules free of charge
  4. great thanks
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