Dual graphics cards with P8P67?


Once I get enough cash together I'm going to build a budget LGA 1155 system. I already have the case, PSU, hard drive and graphics card (sapphire HD5450).

I'm looking at getting the Asus P8P67 (not pro/evo or anything). It has two PCIe x16 slots, one running at x16 and the other x4. I'd run the 5450 in the x16 slot for a while, then at a later date get a better GPU (such as a 6850 or nvidia of some sort). I have two monitors at the moment, one 1920x1080 and the other 1280x1024. The 1920x1080 monitor would be plugged via HDMI or DVI into the 6850, while the second monitor would be on the 5450's VGA (and possibly a third monitor on the 5450's DVI).

Obviously we're not talking SLI/crossfire here, I'm just wondering if two graphics cards could run in tandem like this, driving separate displays for different purposes (e.g. gaming/movies vs. productivity). I know that PCIe x4 provides plenty bandwidth for anything non-load-bearing (and probably more than the 5450 could ever consume, lol :D).

Also, it would be great for the whole config to be supported by the Linux drivers - from my past experience that seems to be the weakest area of Linux support hardware-wise, these days.

Anyway, thanks very much for any advice :)
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  1. That all makes sense and should be possible, but I'm just wondering why would you want to limit yourself to P67? There are Z68 motherboards out there with very similar prices, and then you get to use the whole potential of Sandy Bridge and its quick sync feature. Even if you don't plan on using quick-sync, it doesn't hurt to get extra features for roughly the same price.
  2. Hmm, actually I've gone off the P8P67 as I saw a couple of cheap P67s that both look pretty good for the money - the Biostar TP67XE and Foxconn P67A-S. Both of them support SLI/Crossfire too (as opposed to the P8P67), which would be nice for future upgrades I guess.

    About the Z68, that would be cool, being able to use the integrated GPU and everything. However I can see alot of P67 boards for much less money than equivalent Z68 boards (I did have my eye on one, the gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H, but it only has 2-channel audio, which is a deal breaker in my case). Also, I don't really see any real advantage to it so I think it would be more worthwhile getting a cheaper P67 board as it would be just as good for my purposes.
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