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Hi all,
I find this site to be a last-word for any pc building...
So expecting your full support :)

I need to buid a gaming pc which support latest games in high-settings (or near-high).
My budget is $1000.
After a long research on net, i shortlisted i5 2500K and GTX 560Ti for my CPU and GPU. I need to overclock both.
So which maker 560Ti I need? And I may not use SLI.
For Indian techies, my budget is anything below 48000/-

Rest of the things, I really need your help.

Anyway, I may come with my expected config.

CPU : i5 2500K
GPU : GTX 560 Ti
Mobo : Asus P8P67 Pro

(I actually need in a mobo, P67 chipset, USB 3 and 2 ports, SATA 6GBps port, PCI-E 2x16, 1333/1600Mhz DDR3 RAM slot )
(If any budget-alternative is there, please specify..)

Cabinet : (Any ATX is better??)
PSU : (I need to overclock CPU and GPU, but no SLI)
RAM : 4 GB DDR3 @ 1333Mhz (enough for OC?)
HDD : Seagate Barracuda 1 TB (SATA3)
Monitor : Acer GD235HZ

(Is it a good idea to try 3D now..? Or should I wait one or two years..? If 3D isn't that much great, I may opt for a non3D full HD 24" LED)

And, for cooling, whether CoolerMaster 212+ is enough for GPU and CPU..?

Any help is great, because I need to buy within 10 days...!
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  1. Hi! First, the GPU maker doesn't really matter as they all follow the specifications of Nvidia or AMD (depending on the card) when making them, what matters is the fan, the warrenty, and if the manufacturer will be reliable when it comes to replacements/fixes.
    Also the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ is a CPU cooler, and not a GPU cooler
  2. Hi r0aringdrag0n,
    Tell me about the rest of the stuff I asked here...
    What cooling is required for GTX 560 Ti if I overclock it..?
  3. Your overclock isn't dependent on your memory like generations past. The 560 Ti is a good card, but don't expect to get good frames rates in 3D with it unless you run two in SLI. 3D isn't really advisable on your budget anyway. I would get the MSI Twin Frozr II model as it is tried and true when it comes to cooling (effective and quiet). Unless the Seagate HDD is really inexpensive, I would suggest a Samsung Spinpoint F3 or even WD Black drive over it. Don't let SATA III fool you...mechanical drives can't saturate all of SATA II yet, so it's mainly a marketing gimmick for single drive usage. The ASRock Extreme 4 motherboard is a good bet, as are several from Gigabyte and MSI, especially if you don't plan to install two cards, as you only need one PCI-e x16 slot.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Hi nd_hunter,

    Info on SATA3 (6GBps) was very good. So I may opt for a SATA2 WD 1 TB/Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB.
    Based on some comments, I also change my mind from buying 3D monitor; I will get a full HD LED.
    I need to play games like Crysis in full/near full settings. So any GTX 560Ti single is enough?
    If overclocked, what low-budget cooling needs to be applied?

    My final shortlist:


    Asrock Extreme4 P67/ Asus P8P67 Pro/ MSI P67A-GD65

    02. CPU:

    i5 2500K
    And Hyper 212+ (After CPU OC'ing)

    03. RAM:

    G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1333MHz 4GB

    04. HDD:

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB

    05. GPU:

    560 Ti
    (No Cooler required for single OC'ed GTX 560 Ti?)

    06. PSU:

    Antec NEO ECO 520w

    07. MONITOR:

    Suggest me a full HD LED prefarably 23" - 24"

    08. CABINET:

    Suggest me a budget-one

    Any more suggestions for this config.?
    Please provide ur valuable inputs...
  5. You'll probably need to add another 560 Ti down the line when you have funds available to run Crysis 2 with DX11 Ultra settings, however one will do fine if the settings are scaled back a bit. I don't understand by what you mean by "(No Cooler required for single OC'ed GTX 560 Ti?)." The card comes with a fan (reference design) or aftermarket cooling (MSI Twin Frozr II, Asus DCII). The MSI (Hawk version) I linked gets my recommendation. It's got a great factory OC and those fans are quiet and effective. You would probably be able to push the OC more.

    For the power supply, try the Antec High Current Gamer 750 watt unit (link). It has enough power to allow for two 560 Tis in SLI down the road, since you are insisting on a motherboard that features two 16-lane PCI-e slots.

    ASUS makes great monitors. Find one in your price range.

    The CoolerMaster HAF 912 is a great budget case. It's big for a mid-tower, has good cable management features, and is well-built.

    You're going to need an optical drive. Any cheap SATA DVD writer will do. I've had good luck with Lite-On.
  6. Hi nd_hunter,
    thanks for your suggestions. :ange:

    I would get a SATA DVD writer, for sure.

    Still my major doubt is regarding the cooling of GTX 560 Ti.
    As you said, will 'MSI Twin Frozr II' overclocked work fine under load without a custom cooler?

    Also, I will refer HAF 912.
    I am not planning to SLI very soon (at least for one year!)
    So, I think a 520watts PSU is enough for OC'ed CPU and GPU(OC'ed single GTX 560 Ti)

    Please suggest a good full HD LCD or LED for less than 200$

    Your suggestions are too important, because reader's choice is what my system to be assembled... :sol:
  7. 520 watts is enough for now. However, take note that an additional graphics card will require the purchase of a beefier power supply. My suggestion requires a little more cost up front, but then you won't be stuck with a power supply taking up space in your closet, unused. Plus, you won't have the hassle of unplugging everything, pulling the old one out, installing the new one, then rerouting all the cables again :cry:

    If you followed the link to that MSI Hawk card I provided, you should have seen pictures that show, while it is a factory MSI card, it in fact has a custom cooler, named "Twin Frozr III" (I mislabeled it as a Twin Frozr II in my earlier post). This is the coolest-running 560 Ti under load available on the market. I hope this dispels any doubts about the cooling capability of this card.

    If you want to see it for yourself, click on the link below. Look at the lower chart (Temperatures, Load) and look at the first green line. That represents the MSI GTX560 Ti Hawk Twin Frozr III with a load temperature of 69*C, the coolest nVidia card represented.,2990-12.html

    Below is a link to my #1 recommendation for a sub-$200 monitor.
  8. Hello,
    Thanks for info on cooling.
    That monitor you referred sound great... checking availability and pricing in India...
    Some says Samsung Spinopint f3 is very slow for a gaming PC. Is that true?

    I am not sure the cabinet HAF 912 having a price tag of $60, ie Rs. 2760/- in India.
    Indian sites provide more than double the price such as Rs. 6000/-
    Any budget alternative for that..?

    Also I may get a 600w PSU for future-proof.

    Please select a motherboard of your choice out of
    Asrock Extreme4 P67/ Asus P8P67 Pro/ MSI P67A-GD65 / Gigabyte UD3

    Waiting for your suggestions...
  9. The Spinpoint F3 is the gold standard of mechanical hard drives so I don't know why you've heard it's slow for gaming. I have one, I game, and it works fine.

    Here are some links for decent budget cases. Hopefully you can find one that isn't marked up too much... <--Antec Three Hundred <--NZXT M59 <--Zalman Z9 Plus <--Thermaltake V4 Black Edition <--Lian Li Lancool PC-K57 <--Silverstone Precision PS05-B <--XION Predator 970
    **The Zalman, Xion, and Lian Li from above would be my top choices, in that order.

    A 600w PSU won't really future-proof your system, but it will give you a little more headroom. You would really need a 700w+ unit to power two of these GPUs (this is what I would consider "future-proofing"). Click the link below and scroll towards the bottom. Keep in mind they used an X58-based system. P67 uses a little less power, but their recommendation is still relevant.

    I don't know the pricing of the motherboards over there, but I would go with the ASRock.
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