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Does this Mobo support standard 1600 memory?

Hey, i was looking at a mobo for a cheap gaming rig i was going to build. Everything seam to check out ( 5 sata3 6g/s ports, On board hd audio, 16gig max ram, 2 pcie 2.0x16 slots with one being x4) but then i saw the ram the board supported. It said 1066/1333/1600(oc). Now i was planning to buy 8 gigs of gskill ripjaws 1600 and would be mad if this mobo didnt support standard 1600 but could use 1333 oc'd to 1600. So my question is would this mobo support a standard 1600 ram non-oc'd? And if it comes down to me having to buy 1333, does 1333 ramm harm gaming performance much? Here is the motherboard: Thanks for your time :D
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    No, according to the specs to get 1600 speeds requires overclocking. The speeds of the ram isn't going to affect gaming as much as the speed of the cpu and gpu. I would get the 8Gbs of gskill ram and either overclock the system to run it t 1600 or run it at 1333 with lower clock latencies.
  2. Ok, ill get the 1333 gskill and tweak it until i get 1600. Also the max ram is 32, not 16 as i posted. They only tested on 16 gigs of ram. Thanks for your help! :D
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