Radeon 6970 vs GTX 470 or GTX 480 Better for HD editing?

Hi everyone,
I'm Sohan, a 22 year old aspiring filmmaker(final semester in Business Administration) from Bangladesh and I'm planning on getting a pc to edit and finish a 35 minutes live-action short film in HD 1080p.

I'll be buying it after two weeks(shooting begins another month later, but I have to furnish my After Effects skill and also formulate a proper workflow as right now I'm just working on one/two min sd videos).

I record with a Sony HDR-CX550ve that records videos in 1080p/60-i. So I'll have to de-interlace all the footage as well as do the editing on the pc.

My current budget for graphics card is about $350(Plus the $50-$80 that the retailers here would charge extra). But if I can work smoothly on clips of 30-40 mins with a lot of filters then I can compensate for the extra render time a less expensive card might cost. I also want to save as much money as possible since that'll allow me to blow some more money on production props.

So I've narrowed it down to four graphics cards,
Radeon 6950
Radeon 6970
Nvidia GTX 470
Nvidia GTX 480(The local guys don't have the newer models of Nvidia)

Now Nvidia boasts about its CUDA technology and how awesome it is for editing purposes, but what I want to know is would it really make that much of a difference than the Radeon cards?
Also, say the performance is not different by a mile, will the Radeon card be able to handle the hd editing(there will also be one minute of animation in the film)? I mean can I work on AE CS4/CS5 without the machine taking too long to navigate or make changes when 10+ filters are added on each five separate clips that together make a 30 min project in AE or Sony Vegas?

I just don't want to face the hassle of changing the card after buying it, time is becoming too precious as I'm getting close to graduating(maaan the good old days are gone!). I already made a mess with buying a camera that's not perfect for the job(I'm still working on finding a perfect de-interlacing method, if only I had bought a Canon that records in 24p), just don't want to face that kind of frustration with the CPU again.

I can even compensate with my film being in 720p HD if doing it in 1080p can't be possible. Please pardon my lack of computer knowledge, I've learnt most things from the net and I didn't find a clear enough post on the matter since most hd editing question posts on every site seem to be made a year ago and I really need to be sure that what I'm buying is not going to be a mistake in the near future.

Thanks for being patient and reading the whole post. :)
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  1. Hello Sohan and welcome to the forums :)
    All of those cards are perfectly fine for video editing.
    Video editing benefits more from a fast CPU and a decent amount of RAM,so make sure you have a powerful CPU and at least 4GB RAM.
  2. Thanks for the help. :)
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