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So I hav the Maximus IV mobo with some really cheap 1333mhz 99924 ram im looking to upgrade. The mobo is rated up to 2133mhz dual channel ram oc. So what Im looking to do is buy some ripjawsX at high spec 2133 mhz then tune it back to 1600mhz because I hear that is as much as sandybridge makes use of. That way in the future if I want to upgrade my system I can bump the ram up to 2133 mhz and make full use of it rather than having to buy new ram.

Long post but my question is if RAM rated at above 1600mhz will work in a maximus IV sandybridge platform. So if I buy 2133mhz RAM, will it work?
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  1. why? by the time systems use 2133MHz effectively, we will have DDR4 and your ram will be useless
  2. True. Honestly because its only $50 and thats probably the best performance upgrade I can get besides an SSD.
  3. 2133MHz ram? you won't see a boost, and yes.. you can run XMP for 2133MHz
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