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New here. Been going through most of the stickies and other best Builds, but I could not find anything similar to what I am looking for.

What may be the best builds for an HTPC system where we could also run some high end games on a 32/40 inch HD/HD ready TV screen?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Hello chpiyush;

    What you want is a gaming system that looks good sitting next to your home theater equipment. Pick one of the gaming builds in your price range, change the motherboard over to a mATX sized board and find a nice HTPC case that you like and will fit the size of graphics card you want.

    For anything else - like a custom build for you?
    It's worth your time (and ours) if you fill out the sticky topic *How To Ask For New Build Advice*
  2. if you want a cool-looking HTPC case that can handle full ATX motherboarsd and full-sized cards, try this:
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