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Hi, I want to upgrade from a 5770. My requirements are - support for 3 VGA LCD monitors and the length of the card can not exceed 9". Any recommendations? I bought a 6870, but had to return it because it only supports 2 VGAs. (I thought that both DVI ports would output to VGA, but DVI-D doesn`t.

The only connections (with adapters) that would work are DVI-I and displayport. Diamond MM told me that their 6870 would not work with 3 VGAs - but shouldn't 1 x DVI-I->VGA + 2 x minidisplayport ->VGA work?

I don't want to get another 5770 and use XF, but that might be my only option.
Replacing my monitors is not an option. Yeah they are VGA, but they are 1920x1080 and look great.

Why are there HDMI/DVI-D->VGA adapters in existence? How can they possibly work?

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  1. well your first problem is buying 3 monitors that only support vga. I mean if you wanted 19x10 monitors one of the primary requirements should be dvi plugs for the extra bandwidth they provide.

  2. that card is 11"
    so i can use both displayports and 1 DVI-I? the other dvi port is digital only.
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