New Sound Card - Mic won't work

My onboard audio recently died so i bought a new Xonar DG sound card and Razer carcharias headset. The headset works fine and i have tested it on other computers so i know theres nothing wrong with it.

I installed the sound card fine and it plays music ect perfectly however the mic wont work. I've disabled on board audio, installed all new drivers, reinstalled card and drivers, made sure the xonar dg was the default audio option ect ect but i can't get the mic to work.

It's very annoying as I'm now playing bf3 and talking to my mates on skype wearing the razer headset for sound and i have another logitech usb headset plugged in sitting around my neck so i can use the mic on it.

Would the mic out on the soundcard be fkd?
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  1. Hmmmmmmmm like the chap with four ears?
    Well, yes the mic could be bad but if you're using the mic on the logitech, that means that the default input device is not the Xonar it's the logitech.
    Care to reconfirm, if you just changed the default audio output device to the Xonar , but forgot to change the default audio input to the xonar as well?
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