Thinking of buying a new CPU, but my motherboard gives me hard time

So, on the verge of Skyrim being released and me wanting to max it out my current rig is:
Gtx460 1gb version
4gb ram
Dual Core e6600, 2.4ghz
Win 7
Asus p5n-e sli

I have been able to max out for example Crysis 2, Rage, Witcher 2 on 1920x1080 res.. I`ve heard tough that in order to play Skyrim on ultra settings I need a better CPU. But to be honest I don`t have much to spend so I`d propably have to get something from this list: to go with my old motherboard.. assuming I can find something good.
Any suggestions, is there any really good cpus on the list above? Or is there even any point for me to buy an older than-i series cpu? Is there any really cheap but reliable motherboards that could support new CPUs?
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  1. Hardly worth it for a the speed bump but you could always overclock your current one for similar performance increase.
  2. That pretty much what I was going to suggest, any of the inexpensive Wolfdales:

    Around 3.6 GHz is the limit with an overclocked E6600 Conroe. You should be able to push the E6000 series Wolfdales past 4 GHz. If you are going to overclock, I recommend the E6600. If you are not, go with the E6800.

    Only you can decide if that is worth the expense.
  3. I`ve never tried overclocking anything, and I tried accessing my BIOS 5 minutes ago and all the adjustable options needed to oc were on grey and so forth I was unable to do anything.. if I can (safely?) overclock my current e6600 to gain increase in performance then it might be the smartest thing to do altough as I said, I`m a total newbie to overclocking.
  4. For a good overclock you will need a after market cooler, example
    Grayed out settings are because every thing is on Auto. There is plenty of guides around the web for it
  5. Hmm ok thanks for the help, I`m going to dig into overclocking now before making any rushed purchases.. :)
  6. go quad, it'll last you longer.
  7. But 13thmonkey, if I would invest into a quad core I would naturally want an i-series CPU and then I`d have to buy a whole new motherboard too, there are some core 2 quads my motherboard supports but cheapest ones that I can buy from channels I know start from 140 euros (and with that money I could get an i-seris CPU) :s Tried ordering stuff from newegg 4 years ago but they refused to deliver into Finland, dunno why.
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