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Need help choosing correct gfx card

Hi. Ive been having a lot of trouble replacing the dying gfx card in my computer. I'm sure I really need to replace the whole computer, but if I could get another 6 months out of it that would be a big help. Its a Gateway GT5670 computer with an AMD Phenom 8400 Triple Core Processor, 3.00 GB RAM, 32-bit OS. The PSU is BFGR450WGSPSU. The gfx card I've been using is NVidia GeForce8500 GT - it was acceptable, but I'd really like something a bit better if my computer can handle it.

So, the gfx card I've been using started screwing up really badly and I had to get something fast. I ended up getting a crappy 8400GS, not knowing any better, and OMG its horrible! I need a card that can decently run WoW without having to keep everything on the absolute lowest settings. Right now, with this 8400GS, I can't even see if I'm standing in fire, and that's never a good thing.

I can spend around $100-150 on the card. I would truly appreciate it if someone would help me before I end up accidently buying another useless card. Thanks :)
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    What is the make/model of your Power Supply?

    What resoultion is your monitor?

    Do you play any other games besides WoW?

    Depending on your monitor's resoultion and your current power supply I would suggest something like this....

    MSI 5670 $95=$65 after MIR + $5 Shipping

    The 5670 is 5 times as powerful, if not more, than your current graphics card.I wouldn't get any card more pwoerful than this or it will be bottlenecked by your processor.

    Since your computer is a little old I am assuming that the PCI-Express x16 lane is 1.0.If thats the case I would advise you stay away from the 2.1 cards because they are known to have issues with 1.0 slots even tho they are backwards compatible.
  2. I think even a 5670 would be massively bottlenecked by a 2.1ghz Phenom I, depending on what resolution your running.
    But either way, get the best thing you can afford, then you can use it in your new system.

    This is a good deal.
  3. Thanks guys :) My monitor res is 1440x900. The power supply is BFG Tech GS-450 ATX power supply with 450 watts of power, etc etc etc (I had to look it up online to find out). If I need to upgrade the power supply, I guess I can do that too, though if I end up updating too much I may as well just get a whole new computer. Car repairs are a major priority first unfortunately.

    The only game I'm playing is WoW and thats not likely to change in the near future. With the last card i was using, the 8500GT, I was able to play fairly decently, though my settings were less than great. I bought the 8400GS and now I'm pretty much playing in fog. Honestly its unbearable and its hurting my head to look at it.

    There are sooo many gfx cards out there, I just don't want to make another mistake. And it would be great if I could just transfer the card to my new system when I finally do get it.

    Thanks for all your help guys :)
  4. If all you play is WoW I don't see the need for a compete overhual.Just a simple GPU upgrade is all you need.Something like the 5670 shoul get you close to maxing out WoW and I you don't have to upgrade your PSU if you went with the 5670.
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