My HP a6650f computer keeps crashing when i am playing MMO games. Upgraded my vi

Hi, My computer crashes when alot of graphics are coming quickly on the screen. I have tried larger cooling fan for the cpu, added a couple of other fans and even took the side cover off to place a desk fan right at the guts of my computer. I have upgraded my video card to an ATI Radeon 4800, good graphics but keeps crashing when alot is going on (usually flying over water, or in large battles). I think my cpu is overheating and heard that AMD's do that alot. Was thinking of upgrading my cpu. Any suggestion/ Please help! I am getting killed out there! lol ;)
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  1. AMD's don't do that a lot. You're pretty badly informed.
    The problems not with the CPU or the GPU it's the HP rig that's a pain.
    HP ought to start paying Tom's for it's problems solving.
    Go to them and get the problem solved. It's really not worth all that trouble to put us thru this. Had it been made by you, we would have gladly helped you out. But you did pay them for the crap, so make them deal with it.
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