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Not sure which category this falls into (mods you can change it if you wish) but its homebuilt so I guess this should be it...

Home built my rig about one and a half years ago. I7 920 (OC'd to 3.4ghz), Two GTX 460 768mb's (Neither overclocked) 4GB corsair ram 1600mhz, Asus P6T SE (flashed to normal P6T for SLI. Flashed it right when I had built it and has always been fine), Windows 7 HP 64bit and a Corsair 650TX PSU.

Was playing football manager 2011 while listening to, as I always do... then suddenly, the computer froze, the audio was repeating itself, then blue screen, restarted automatically. Happened over about 2-3 seconds. My first question is how do I make it so it doesn't auto restart? (so I can put down the error code). This was about 20 minutes ago.

After the restart it was fine, I just assumed it was one of those rare random blue screens that you get very rarely, so I went straight back to what I was doing. But then again, the desktop froze and the sound was repeating for about 2-3 seconds, but this time, no blue screen, the computer continued fine as usual, this was about 10 minutes ago, so I decided to make this thread...

Any thoughts on what I should do/what is going on? My temps are fine, using a Zalman CPNS 9900 cooler, never seen my CPU go above 70c, even on everest stressing, and i've never seen my 460's go above 60c even at only 40% fan speed. Possibly ram? I dunno. Been running fine throughout writing this thread.
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  1. It is almost certainly a hardware error. The CPU is suddenly being deprived of data from the sound of it. That is why the sound is repeating itself. It is simply replaying the last information it got before some kind of hardware failure is disrupting it.

    Make sure that your PSU is not dropping voltage. It could well be your HDD perhaps the HDD BIOS acting up. At this stage this is my main suspect but the PSU must be eliminated. The reason why I suspect the HDD is the PC tries to keep going before it crashes. Memory or GPU crashes are normally more instant.
  2. Well I did only overclock my CPU recently (about two weeks ago). I think I will de-clock it, as its the easiest thing to eliminate. If it happens again, I'm doing work experience at a local indie PC shop atm and they have nothing atm as its the holidays so I'm sure they would let me use their stuff to check individual parts. I'm leaning towards the HDD after what you have said, as I tend to trust corsair, their parts have always been reliable in my experience.

    What about my other question though, how would I stop it from auto restarting after a blue screen?
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