Gateway 505GR motherboard size?

Hey guys, im looking to salvage my 505GR case and need to know what size motherboards will fit. ATX, Micro-ATX, or ITX mini. Ive been searching a while now and cant find a hillabeans on this motherboard.

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    From the picture I would say it's a standard mATX case

    Given the lack of fans I would recommend replacing it though.
  2. you thinks so? im just trying to build a simple gaming rig. Wont do overclocking though. You think it really get that hot?
  3. Yes, a single fan is not enough for most gaming cards really. You need one fan pushing air into the front and one pulling it out the back, at least. You don't have to spend a bunch. If you like the size of the case $40 can get you something around that size with two good fans.... or get this combo deal that will get you a very well cooled full sized case and a PSU that will handle most gaming cards:
  4. Ok i guess i wont chance a heating issue. But that rosewell combo, alot of the reviews, especially on the psu are iffy. Ill do some searching on here later but you think thats a reliable psu?
  5. Ah I see my signature has disappeared again. Here is a link to my PSU guide:

    The Rosewill Green Series is built by ATNG and considered by most experts to be solid and acceptable. Often recommended for budget builds. The rest of their PSUs are not really adequately examined. Probably the Stallion series is poor.

    If you want to spend more these three are all better:|17-207-013^17-207-013-TS%2C17-371-047^17-371-047-TS%2C17-139-028^17-139-028-TS

    With the Antec being arguably the best and the Cosair being the lowest quality of the three (but still good).

    If you aren't going to have a high end gaming card then you can get by with a bit less power. These 4 PSUs I would rank just like they cost, with he Seasonic being top-of-the-line at 430W:|17-182-202^17-182-202-TS%2C17-371-034^17-371-034-TS%2C17-139-026^17-139-026-TS%2C17-151-074^17-151-074-TS

    I hope those long URLs work, they are newegg comparisons.

    Now where did that sig go?...
  6. Maybe a new post? There it is :) Eh? it disappeared again!
  7. Thanks for the links! now i got me some reading to do.

    Also for a psu, is it safe to say hypothetically if my components only need say 300w and i decide to get a 650w psu, will that be safe?

    So far i havent seen anything to say its bad. I just think its kinda like car horsepower, i could have 500hp but on a normal day i only have to use a fraction of that.
  8. Yes it's safe. When gaming I rarely break 300W, and yet I have a Seasonic X650. Using programs designed to put maximum stress on my CPU and GPU I reach about 385W. You can see my full configuration by clicking the "more information" link just under my avatar.
  9. Ok thanks! i do appreciate your help.

    Now i just gotta pick out my parts, which is the hardest part....

    and i can see your sig now... So dont know why i cant in your posts above...
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