Changing a Inspiron 1525 motherboard

I am looking for a Inspiron 1525 motherboard. Have never done this before so not exactly sure about finding one that is compatible. What am I looking to for to make sure it is compatible? I already have it out and these are the numbers I have. The numbers on the actual board are.. 07211-2, DS2 Intel, 48.4W002.021. Also there is a little white square sticker on the board with.. DP/N: OPT113 and CN-OPT113-70166-82R 048P- A00.

Are all 1525 motherboard interchangeable? If not, would a PT113 do the trick, is there any difference. Thanks
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  1. OPT 113 is what you are looking for. The other numbers don't need to match up to yours.

    Go to ebay and search on "inspiron 1525 motherboard"

    You'll get several hits of people with them for sale.
  2. Thanks, I believe the only OPT113 I seen were for parts. I seen a few PT113 but not sure if it will work?
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