Underperforming GTX 460s?

Hey guys, i just got fallout 3 and it isn't performing well on my setup. Here are the specs:

Windows 7 64bit
Phenom II x4 3.6ghz
8GB DDR2 800
Gigabyte GA-MA 790x-UD4P
2x WD Velociraptor 150gb HDDs
2x Galaxy GTX460s SLI
Rosewill 630w

19k 3dMark 06
21-22k 3dMark Vantage
Ultra High settings in fallout 3 with 2xAA and 8xAF

I only get 60 frames in megaton, in battles i get 30-40fps. The 2nd GPU isn't even being used it seems and also, the first GPU only reaches about 70% usage. Any idea what could be going on?

P.S This system is Crossfire only, but it has the SLI patch installed.


If you can't read it, it says:
GPU1- 51c, 54% Usage
GPU2- 47c, 3% Usage
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